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Although mathematics has long been intertwined with the biological sciences, an explosive synergy between biology and mathematics seems poised to enrich and extend both fields greatly in the coming decades. Biology will increasingly stimulate the creation of qualitatively new realms of mathematics. Why? In biology, ensemble properties emerge at each level of organization from the interactions of heterogeneous biological units at that level and at lower and higher levels of organization (larger and smaller physical scales, faster and slower temporal scales). New mathematics will be required to cope with these ensemble properties and with the heterogeneity of the biological units that compose ensembles at each level..
Joel E Cohen "Mathematics Is Biology's Next Microscope, Only Better; Biology Is Mathematics' Next Physics, Only Better" (link)
  • National Centers for Systems Biology (NCSB) (Link)
  • International Systems Biology Education Network (Link)
  • Systems Biology Research Group at the University of California (Link)
  • Stanford Center for Systems Biology (Link)
  • Cambridge Systems Biology Centre (Link)
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  • SBCNY - Systems Biology Center New York (Link)

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