NEWS 2014

2014-06-27 Special Jordan subspaces in coupled cell networks Link
2014-06-20 Price competition in the Hotelling model with uncertainty on costs Link
2014-05-23 Jeoren Lamb (Imperial College, UK) Link
2014-05-16 TBA Link
2014-05-11 Índice extremal e periodicidade em dinâmica caótica Link
2014-05-09 TBA Link
2014-05-02 TBA - Pedro F. dos Santos (IST, Lisbon) Link
2014-05-02 TBA Link

Past News

2014-04-11 Conjugacy, dynamics and subgroups of Thompson's group V. Link
2014-04-11 TBA Link
2014-04-09 Well conditioned and robust Padé approximants Link
2014-04-09 Well conditioned and robust Padé approximants Link
2014-04-09 Geometry of character varieties of abelian groups Link
2014-04-04 TBA Link
2014-04-04 Chaotic billiards Link
2014-03-28 TBA Link
2014-03-26 The full transformation semigroups and amalgamation bases for finite semigroups. Link
2014-03-21 Chern numbers of compact symplectic manifolds with a circle action Link
2014-03-21 Stability of cycles in heteroclinic networks Link
2014-03-14 Universal witnesses for descriptional complexity and their (partial) explanation. Link
2014-03-12 On symmetric polynomials with only real zeros and nonnegative gamma vectors Link
2014-02-28 GIT characterizations of Harder-Narasimhan filtrations Link
2014-02-07 Whitney-Holder continuity of the SRB measure for transversal families of smooth unimodal maps Link
2014-02-07 Building "exotic" symplectic T^* S^n Link
2014-02-06 Mean of order p location-invariant and reduced-bias extreme value index estimation Link
2014-02-05 Poisson law for some nonuniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems with polynomial rate of mixing Link
2014-01-24 Hyperbolic Polyhedric Billiards Link
2014-01-17 Automaticity, finite complete rewriting systems, and finite derivation type for homogeneous monoids. Link
2014-01-10 On decay of correlations for geometric Lorenz attractors Link
2014-01-10 Diagrammatic categorification Link
2014-01-10 Limit cycles for a class of quintic Z6 -- equivariant equations Link
2014-01-06 Numerical Solution of Sturm--Liouville Problems via Fer Streamers Link