March 2-6, 2020
Escola de Ciências da Universidade do Minho



François Béguin (Univ. Paris 13)
Geometry and dynamics of spatially homogeneous spacetimes

João Pimentel Nunes (IST)
Quantization and Kahler Geometry

Abdelghani Zeghib (CNRS - ENS Lyon)
Configuration spaces: Geometry, Topology, Dynamics, Physics and Technology...

Invited Speakers Include:

Ilka Agricola (Univ. Marburg)
Einstein manifolds with skew torsion

Thierry Barbot (Univ. Avignon)
Conformally flat Lorentzian spacetimes and Anosov representations

Alexey Bolsinov (Univ. Loughborough)
Integrable dynamical systems on Lie algebras and their applications in pseudo-Riemannian geometry

Marie-Amelie Lawn (Imperial College London)
Translating solitons in Lorentzian manifolds

Daniel Monclair (Univ. Paris-Sud)
Gromov-Thuston spacetimes

Vicent Pecastaing (Univ. Luxembourg)
Pseudo-Riemannian conformal dynamics of higher-rank lattices

Miguel Sanchez (Univ. Granada)
Lorentzian vs Riemannian completeness and Ehlers-Kundt conjecture

Andrea Seppi (Univ. Grenoble)
Examples of four-dimensional geometric transition

Rym Smai(Univ. Avignon)
Anosov representations and conformally flat spacetimes

Peter Smillie (Caltech PMA)
Hyperbolic planes in Minkowski 3-space

Andrea Tamburelli (Univ. Rice)
Polynomial maximal surfaces in pseudo-hyperbolic spaces

Jérémy Toulisse (Univ. Nice)
Maximal surfaces in the pseudo-hyperbolic space

Call for Posters:

Participants are invited to submit an abstract on original work for presentation as a poster.

In order to submit an abstract, participants are to send the following data to the conference email: authors, affiliation, presenting author, title and abstract. Mathematical notation should be avoided.

Submission deadline: 10th February 2020

The maximum size for a poster is 90x140cm and should be in portrait format. Participants are asked to bring their poster with them as no poster printers will be available at the conference.

All abstract submissions will be reviewed by the scientific committee and decisions will be communicated by the 20th of February.

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