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The moduli space of generalized quivers


<p>We construct the moduli space of finite dimensional representations of generalized quivers for arbitrary connected complex reductive groups using Geometric Invariant Theory as well as Symplectic reduction methods. We explicit characterize stability and instability for generalized quivers in terms of Jordan-Hölder and Harder Narasimhan objects, reproducing well-known results for classical case of quiver representations. We define and study the Hesselink and Morse stratifications on the parameter space for representations, and bootstrap them to an inductive formula for the equivariant Poincar\ e Polynomial of the moduli spaces of representations. We work out explicitly the case of supermixed quivers, showing that it can be characterized in terms of slope conditions, and that it produces stability conditions different from the ones in the literature. Finally, we resolve the induction of Poincar\ e polinomials for a particular family of orthogonal representations.</p>

Artur de Araujo


Year of publication: 2017



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