Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto 1st Oporto Meeting on Mathematics for Industry  
  1st Oporto Meeting on Mathematics for Industry

3rd Porto Meeting on
28th to 30th April 2011


About the Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to focus the attention on the many and varied opportunities to promote applications of mathematics to industrial problems. Its major objectives are:

  • Development and encouragement of industrial and academic collaboration, facilitating contacts between academic, industrial, business and finance users of mathematics
  • Through "bridging the industrial/academic barrier" these meetings will provide opportunities to present successful collaborations and to elaborate elements such as technology transfer, differing vocabularies and goals, nurturing of contacts and resolution of issues.
  • To attract undergraduate students to distinctive and relevant formation profiles, motivate them during their study, and advance their personal training in Mathematics and its Applications to Industry, Finance, etc.

The meeting will be focused on short courses, of three one-hour lectures each, given by invited distinguished researchers, which are supplemented by contributed short talks by other participants and posters of case studies.

The meeting is promoted as one of the activities of GEMAC (Gabinete de Estatística, Modelação e Aplicações Computacionais).

The meeting will be followed by the 81th European Study Group that will take place in Lisbon between the 23th and the 27th of May 2011.


Centro de Matematica da Universidade do Porto
Edificio do Departamento de Matematica da FCUP
Ruda do Campo Alegre, 687
4169-007 Porto

The 3rd Porto Meeting on Mathematics for Industry is one of the 2011 CIM activities

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