Oporto Meeting on Geometry, Topology and Physics   Oporto Meeting on Geometry, Topology and PhysicsOporto Meeting on Geometry, Topology and PhysicsOporto Meeting on Geometry, Topology and Physics
FCUP - Isntituto Superior Técnico Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto Instituto Superior Técnico  
XXth Oporto Meeting on
Geometry, Topology and Physics
    19th to 22nd July 2012

Information for Participants

  • Other informations:

Those wishing to participate should fill in and return the registration form, not later than June 30th, 2012. Decisions about talks and requests for financial support will be made by July 6th.

Participants should aim to arrive by the18th of July, since the meeting will start in the morning on the 19th. The meeting will continue until the middle or end of the afternoon of the 22nd of July.

There are many international direct flights to Oporto International Airport. If no convenient flight to Oporto is available participants from abroad may fly to Lisbon and catch an internal connecting flight or take a train to Oporto. The train journey from Lisbon to Oporto lasts a minimum of 2.5 hours.

There is a taxi and metro connection between the airport and the city of Oporto.
By taxi:
Costs around 15 euros. (A small tip of around 5 percent is appreciated but not essential.)
By metro:

There is a good metro connection from the airport to the city centre. Information can be found in the
metro web page (some info about tickets is provided below). The closest metro station to the conference venue (and hotels) is “Casa da Musica”.
From Casa da Musica metro station to the Conference Venue / Hotel:
The conference venue is approximately 15 minutes walk from Casa da Musica, and the hotel 15 minutes walk. Alternatively, one may take one of the following buses from the bus station at the main exit of the Casa da Musica metro Station:

504 (direction Norteshopping)
204 (direction Foz)

The stop for the conference venue is “Planetario”, situated a few meters from the entrance to the Mathematics building.

**Regarding the bus station at Casa da Musica: This is a complex of bus stops situated in front of the main exit of the Metro station (there are more than one exits). One arrives at this exit directly from the metro platform using the elevators.

See train schedules and prices on the web page of CP. The train arrives at Campanha railway station.
By metro:
Metro station “Campanha” is adjacent to the railway station.
By bus:
However, the easiest way to reach the conference venue is by bus 207 (direction Foz-Mercado). The bus stop is approximately 100m from the exit of the railway station, to the right (info about tickets below).
By taxi:
Alternatively one may take a taxi. There are taxis right in front of the exit of the railway station. The fare to the hotel is 10-15 euros.

Hotel Tuela is 15 minutes’ walk from the conference venue.

Ticketing for public transportation (metro and buses) is mainly by the "Andante" cards, although bus drivers also sell tickets. Andante cards can be bought from machines at any metro station in the city (e.g. upon arrival at the Airport metro station, or Campanha metro station for those arriving by train). An Andante is (re)chargeable with credit allowing it to be used for more than one journeys. It has to be validated every time, on special machines at the entrance of the metro stations (or inside the buses).
Here are some indicative prices:
- From the Airport to “Casa da Musica” by metro, the Andante needs to be charged with a Z4 trip, which costs 1.45 euros (single ticket).
- From Campanha to Tuela by the 207 bus t
he price of the ticket is 0.95 euros (with an Andante card or from the driver) (single ticket).
** 0.5 euros should be added to the above prices for the cost of the Andante card the first time metro or buses are used.

Due to the limitations of the budget it is unlikely that financial support will be available except for the main speakers and some Portuguese students.

The meeting is to be held in Oporto, Portugal's second-largest city, offering many attractive sightseeing possibilities.

Oporto's historical centre was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Local food and wine is excellent, and in particular Oporto (Porto in Portuguese) is the home of Port wine.