Jan 11-15, 2016
Departamento de Matematica da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto


Invited Speakers Include:

Fatou flowers and parabolic curves
Marco Abate (U. Pisa)

SRB measures for partially hyperbolic systems whose central direction is weakly expanding
José Ferreira Alves (U. Porto)

No smooth Julia sets for Henon maps
Eric Bedford (Indiana Univ.)

Stability within holomorphic families of endomorphisms in P^k
François Berteloot (U. Toulouse)

Dynamical Manin-Mumford conjecture
Charles Favre (École Polytechnique)

Distribution of postcritically finite polynomials
Thomas Gauthier (U. Picardie Jules Verne)

Singularities of plane curves and operads
Étienne Ghys (ENS-Lyon)

Complex rotation numbers
Natalya Goncharuk (National research university HSE)

Algebraic differential equations with single-valued solutions
Adolfo Guillot (UNAM-Cuernavaca)

Spin Calogero-Moser Spaces and Non-commutative Bispectral Problem
Emil Horozov (U. Sophia)

Parabolic blow-ups and limits of dynamical systems
John Hubbard (U. Cornell)

Global bifurcation theory in the plane
Yulij Il'Yashenko (U. Cornell / Independent University Moscow)

Understanding of groups acting on the circle
Victor Kleptsyn (U. Rennes)

Lorenz Renormalization
Marco Martens (SUNY-Stony Brook)

Explosion of smoothness for topological conjugates
Alberto Pinto (U. Porto)

Some equidistribution results for lattice points in negative curvature
Mark Pollicott (U. Warwick)

Dynamics on Wild Character Varieties and Painlevé Equations
Jean-Pierre Ramis (U. Toulouse)

Dynamics and holomorphic foliations: perspectives and problems
Julio Rebelo (U. Toulouse)

Degenerate singularities of holomorphic vector elds and related problems
Helena Reis (U. Porto)

Rational maps of $\CP^2$ with equal dynamical degrees, no invariant foliation, and two distinct measures of maximal entropy
Roland Roeder (IUPUI)

Complex reflection in billiards
Olga Romaskevich (ENS-Lyon / National research university HSE)

Unique ergodicity for foliations in P^2 with an invariant curve
Nessim Sibony (U. Paris Sud)

Lattices in pseudo-riemannian hyperbolic spaces
Nicolas Tholozan (U. Luxembourg)

Analgebraic geometry
Sergei Yakovenko (Weizmann Institut)

Renormalization and rotational attractors of two-dimensional dissipative dynamical systems
Misha Yampolsky (Toronto)

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