Commutative-by-finite Hopf algebras

A commutative-by-finite Hopf algebra is an extension of a commutative Hopf algebra by a finite dimensional Hopf algebra. Examples include many large classes of algebras - commutative Hopf algebras and finite Hopf algebras of course,  group algebras of abelian-by-finite groups, enveloping algebras of Lie algebras in positive characteristic, quantum groups at a root of unity,.... I'll review aspects of their structure and their representation theory, and mention a number of open questions. I'll aim to make the talk accessible without previous knowledge of Hopf algebras. Joint work with Miguel Couto.Ken Brown

Date and Venue

Start Date
Room FC1 030, Mathematics building, FCUP


Ken Brown

Speaker's Institution

University of Glasgow


Algebra, Combinatorics and Number Theory