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Carvalho M, Bessa M, Rodrigues A. A note on reversibility and Pell equations. Vol 75 SPM 2017.Edit
Lomp C, Matczuk J. A note on semicentral idempotents. Communications in Algebra. 2017;45:2735-2737.Edit
[2017-18] Carvalho PA, Lomp C, Smith PF. A note on simple modules over quasi-local rings .Edit
[2017-35] Pinto CM. Novel results of asymmetrically coupled fractional neurons .
Pereira FL, Grilo T, Gama SM. Optimal multi-process control of a two vortex driven particle in the plane. IFAC-PapersOnLine. 2017;50(1):2193-2198.Edit
Pereira FL, Grilo T, Gama SM. Optimal power consumption motion control of a fish-like vehicle in a vortices vector field. In: OCEANS 2017. UK, Aberdeen: IEEE; 2017. Edit
Moreira N, Pighizzini G, Reis R. Optimal State Reductions of Automata with Partially Specified Behaviors. Theoretical Computer Science. 2017;658:235-245.Edit
Arafa N, Gama SM, Pereira FL. Optimization and control theory in shell models of turbulence. In: PhysCon 2017 - 8th International Conference on Physics and Control. Italy, Florence: IPACS Open Access library; 2017. 1. p. 1-6p. Edit
[2017-36] Polizzi F., Rito C., Roulleau X.. A pair of rigid surfaces with p_g=q=2 and K^2=8 whose universal cover is not the bidisk .Edit
[2017-17] Lomp C, Sant'Ana A, Santos RL. Panov's theorem for weak Hopf algebras .Edit
García-Sánchez PA, Heredia B., Karakaş H., Rosales J.. Parametrizing Arf numerical semigroups. J. Algebra Appl.. 2017;16:1750209, 31.Edit
Aguiar MA, Dias A., Ferreira F. Patterns of Synchrony for Feed-forward and Auto-reed-forward Neural Networks. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science. 2017;27(1):013103.Edit
Aguiar MA, Dias A., Ferreira F. Patterns of synchrony for feed-forward and auto-regulation feed-forward neural networks. Chaos . 2017;27:013103,.Edit
Pinto CM. Persistence of low levels of plasma viremia and of the latent reservoir in patients under ART: a fractional-order approach. Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simul.. 2017;43:251-260.Edit
[2017-34] Pinto CM. Persistence of low levels of plasma viremia and of the latent reservoir in patients under ART: A fractional-order approach .
[2017-13] da Rocha Z.. Program and abstracts of WOPA-Porto-2017, Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials and Applications .Edit
Almeida FD, Fernandes R. Projection methods based on grids for weakly singular integral equations. Applied Numerical Mathematics. 2017;Volume 114:47-54.Edit
Oliveira JF, Castro SB, Labouriau IS. Projections of Pattenrs and Mode Interactions. Dynamical System: An International Journal. 2017.Edit
[2017-2] Castro SB, Labouriau IS, Oliveira JF. Projections of Periodic Functions and Mode Interactions .Edit
Almeida J, Shahzamanian M., Steinberg B.. The pro-nilpotent group topology on a free group. Journal of Algebra. 2017;480:332-345.Edit
Lucas R, Martins A, Severo M, Silva P., Monjardino T, Gaio A., et al. Quantitative Modelling of Hip Fracture Trends in 14 European Countries: Testing Variations of a Shared Reversal over Time. Scientific Reports. 2017;7(1):1-9.Edit
Hernandez A, Kadison L, Lopes SA. A quantum subgroup depth. Acta Math. Hung.. 2017;152(1):166-185.Edit
Pacheco A., Simões M., Milheiro-Oliveira P.. Queues with server vacations as a model for pretimed signalized urban traffic. Transportation Science. 2017;51:841-851.Edit
[2017-10] Gothen PB, Nozad A. Quiver Bundles and Wall Crossing for Chains .Edit
Aimino R, Nicol M, Todd M. Recurrence statistics for the space of interval exchange maps and the Teichmüller flow on the space of translation surfaces. Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré Probab. Stat.. 2017;53:1371-1401.Edit


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