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Leite A., Rocha AP, Silva ME. Beyond long memory in heart rate variability: An approach based on fractionally integrated autoregressive moving average time series models with conditional heteroscedasticity. Chaos. 2013;23.Edit
Leite A, Rocha AP, Silva M. Long Memory and Volatility in HRV: An ARFIMA-GARCH Approach. In: Murray A, editor. {36th Annual Computers in Cardiology Conference (CinC 2009)}. Vol {36}. {IEEE}; 2009. {. {p. 165-168p. }.Edit
Leite A., Silva M., Rocha AP. Heart rate variability analysis in healthy subjects, patients suffering from congestive heart failure and heart transplanted patients. Motricidade. 2013;9:54-63.Edit
Leite A, Rocha AP, Silva M. Enhancing scaling exponents in heart rate by means of fractional integration. In: {Computing in Cardiology}. Vol {40}.; 2013. {. {p. 433-436p. }.
Leite A, Silva M, Rocha AP. Scaling Exponents in Heart Rate Variability. J. L. da Silva, F. Caeiro, I. Natário, and C. Braumann, eds ed. Springer 2013.
Leite AS, Rocha AP, Silva M, Costa O.. Modelling long-term heart rate variability: an ARFIMA approach. {BIOMEDIZINISCHE TECHNIK}. 2006;{51}:{215-219}.Edit
Leite A, Silva M, Rocha AP. Modeling Volatility in Heat Rate Variability. In: 38Th Annual International Conference of the Ieee Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Embc 2016, Orlando, Fl, Usa, August 16-20, 2016. Ieee; 2016. 3. p. 3582-3585p. (Embc).
Leite A, Rocha AP, Silva M, Gouveia S., Carvalho J., Costa O.. Long-Range Dependence in Heart Rate Variability Data: ARFIMA Modelling vs Detrended Fluctuation Analysis. In: {34th Annual Conference on Computers in Cardiology}. Vol {34}. {IEEE}; 2007. {. {p. 21-24p. }.Edit
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