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Cherubini A, Nuccio C, Rodaro E. Amalgams of finite inverse semigroups and deterministic context-free languages. Semigroup Forum. 2012;85(1):129-146.Edit
Rodaro E, Silva PV. Amalgams of inverse semigroups and reversible two-counter machines. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. 2013;217(4):585-597.
Rodaro E, Silva PV. Amalgams of inverse semigroups and reversible two-counter machines. J. Pure Appl. Algebra. 2013;217:585-597.
Cherubini A, Rodaro E. Amalgams vs Yamamura’s HNN-extensions of inverse semigroups. Algebra Colloquium. 2011;18(4):647-657.Edit
Yakubovich SB, Daher R. An analog of Morgan's theorem for the Kontorovich-Lebedev transform. Adv. Pure Appl. Math.. 2010;1:159-162.Edit
Yakubovich SB. Analog of the Hausdorff-Young theorem for the Lebedev integral. Integral Transforms Spec. Funct.. 2005;16:597-607.
Gonçalves H, Henriques-Coelho T., Bernardes J, Rocha AP, Brandão-Nogueira A., Leite-moreira A. Analysis of heart rate variability in a rat model of induced pulmonary hypertension. {MEDICAL ENGINEERING & PHYSICS}. 2010;{32}:{746-752}.Edit
Lima D, Sousa M, Aguiar P. Analysis of the mechanisms underlying windup using a detailed biophysical model of WDR neurons. BMC neuroscience. 2010;11:O14.Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J, Cruz I. Analytic $k$-linearizability of some resonant Poisson structures. Lett. Math. Phys.. 1999;49:59-66.Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J, Cruz I. Analytic linearizability of some resonant vector fields. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.. 2001;129:2473-2481 (electronic).Edit
Hofbauer T., Palma J., Beferale L., Gama SM. Anisotropy in large-scale simulations determined from SO(3) symmetry group. Journal of Turbulence. 2005;6(9):1-11.Edit
Aimino R, Nicol M, Vaienti S. Annealed and quenched limit theorems for random expanding dynamical systems. Probab. Theory Related Fields. 2015;162:233-274.Edit
Afonso MM. Anomalous diffusion for inertial particles under gravity in parallel flows. Physical Review E. 2014;89(6):063021: 1-8.Edit
Boi S, Afonso MM, Mazzino A. Anomalous diffusion of inertial particles in random parallel flows: theory and numerics face to face. Journal of Statistical Mechanics. 2015;2015(10):P10023: 1-21.Edit
Nazardonyavi S, Yakubovich SB. Another proof of Spira's inequality and its application to the Riemann hypothesis. J. Math. Inequal.. 2013;7:167-174.Edit
Nazardonyavi S, Yakubovich SB. Another proof of Spira's inequality and its application to the Riemann hypothesis. Journal of Mathematical Inequalities. 2013;7(2):167-174.Edit
Teixeira GQ, Pereira CL, Castro F, Ferreira JR, Gomez-Lazaro M, Aguiar P, et al. Anti-inflammatory Chitosan/Poly-γ-glutamic acid nanoparticles control inflammation while remodeling extracellular matrix in degenerated intervertebral disc. Acta biomaterialia. 2016;42:168-179.Edit
Maroni P., Mesquita T.. Appell polynomial sequences with respect to some differential operators. Period. Math. Hungar. . 2016;72(2):200-217.Edit
Silva PV. An application of first-order logic to the study of recognizable languages. Internat. J. Algebra Comput.. 2004;14:785-799.
de Romero SS, Kalla SL, Yakubovich SB. Applications of $N$-fractional calculus to infinite sums. J. Fract. Calc.. 1995;8:37-42.Edit
Oliveira PM. Approximate filters for a nonlinear discrete time filtering problem with small observation noise. Stochastics and Stochastics Reports. 1994:1-24.Edit
Oliveira PM, Picard J.. Approximate Nonlinear Filtering for a Two-dimensional Diffusion with One-dimensional Observations in a Low Noise Channel. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization. 2003:1801-1819.Edit
Costa JP, Lerman I.. ARCADE: A Prediction Method for Nominal Variables. Intelligent Data Analysis. 1998;2:265-286.Edit
Costa JP, Lerman I. arcade: a prediction method for nominal variables. intelligent data analysis. 1998;2:265-286.Edit
Rosales J., García-Sánchez PA, García-García JI, Branco MB. Arf numerical semigroups. J. Algebra. 2004;276:3-12.Edit


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