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[2018-9] da Rocha Z, Maroni P, Brezinski C, Magnus A, Ismail M, Ben Cheikh Y, et al. Actividades Científicas de Pascal Maroni .Edit
[2004-38] Almeida J, Zeitoun M. An automata-theoretic approach to the word problem for ω-terms over R .Edit
[2004-14] Alves JF, Pinheiro V. Backward volume contraction for endomorphisms with eventual volume expansion .Edit
[2007-29] Aguiar MA, Dias AP, Golubitsky M, Leite MC. Bifurcations from regular quotient networks: A first insight .Edit
[2006-39] Almeida J, Zeitoun M. A bottom-up minimization DFA algorithm and applications .Edit
[2009-46] Rodrigues A., Labouriau IS, Aguiar MA. Chaotic Double Cycling .
[2017-21] Aguiar MA, Dias AP, Soares P. Characterization of Fundamental Networks .Edit
[2009-29] Almeida J, Margolis SW, Steinberg B, Volkov M. Characterization of group radicals with an application to Mal'cev products .Edit
[2017-5] Almeida J, Ésik Z, Pin J-. Commutative positive varieties of languages .Edit
[2010-32] Vasconcelos PB, Largillier A., d'Almeida FD, Ahues M. Comparison of two Di fferent Discretizations for Spectral Computations for Integral Operators .Edit
[2015-37] Almeida J, Borlido C. Complete kappa-reducibility of pseudovarieties of the form DRH .Edit
[2006-19] Almeida J, Costa JC, Zeitoun M. Complete reducibility of pseudovarieties .Edit
[2006-31] Almeida J, Costa JC, Zeitoun M. Complete reducibility of systems of equations with respect to R .Edit
[2007-18] Almeida J, Volkov M, Goldberg S.. Complexity of the identity checking problem for finite semigroups .Edit
[2006-16] Abreu S, Castro SB, Labouriau IS. Construction of Symmetric Heteroclinic Cycles .
[2004-12] Alves JF, Oliveira K, Tahzibi A. On the continuity of the SRB entropy for endomorphisms .Edit
[2009-17] Almeida J, Klíma O. A counterexample to some conjectures concerning concatenation hierarchies .Edit
[2007-33] Antoneli F, Dias A., Paiva RC. Coupled Cell Networks: Hopf bifurcation and Interior Symmetry .Edit
[2007-34] Almeida J. Decidability and tameness in the theory of finite semigroups .Edit