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Articles in international peer reviewed journals
Pinto N. Mutation and mutation rates at y chromosome specific Short Tandem Repeat Polymorphisms (STRs): A reappraisal. Forensic Science International: Genetics. 2014;9:20-24.Edit
Conde-Sousa E, Szücs P, Peng H, Aguiar P. N3DFix: an Algorithm for Automatic Removal of Swelling Artifacts in Neuronal Reconstructions. Neuroinformatics. 2016:1-8.Edit
Ali H., Pereira F., Gama SM. A new approach to the Pontryagin maximum principle for nonlinear fractional optimal control problems. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences. 2016;39(13):3640-3649.Edit
Pinto CM. New findings on the dynamics of HIV and TB coinfection models. Appl. Math. Comput.. 2014;242:36-46.Edit
Pin J-, Silva PV. A noncommutative extension of Mahler's theorem on interpolation series. Europ. J. Combin.. 2014;36:564-578.Edit
Lomp C, Pansera D. A note on a paper by Cuadra, Etingof and Walton. Communications in Algebra. 2017;45(8):3402-3409.Edit
Lomp C, Puczylowski E. A note on dimension modules. Communications in Algebra. 2015;43(6):2267-2271.Edit
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Pinto CM. Numerical simulations in two CPG models for bipedal locomotion. J. Vib. Control. 2007;13:1487-1503.Edit
Grilo T, Pereira F., Gama SM. Optimal control of particle advection in Couette and Poiseuille flows. Journal of Conference Papers in Mathematics. 2013;2013:4 pages.Edit
Pereira FL, Grilo T, Gama SM. Optimal multi-process control of a two vortex driven particle in the plane. IFAC-PapersOnLine. 2017;50(1):2193-2198.Edit
Moreira N, Pighizzini G, Reis R. Optimal State Reductions of Automata with Partially Specified Behaviors. Theoretical Computer Science. 2017;658:235-245.Edit
Passian A., Simpson H., Kouchekian S., Yakubovich SB. On the orthogonality of the MacDonald's functions. J. Math. Anal. Appl.. 2009;360:380-390.Edit
Pinto N. Paternity exclusion power: Comparative behaviour of autosomal and X-chromosomal markers in standard and deficient cases with inbreeding. Forensic Science International: Genetics. 2013;7:290-295.Edit
Pinto CM. Persistence of low levels of plasma viremia and of the latent reservoir in patients under ART: a fractional-order approach. Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simul.. 2017;43:251-260.Edit
Dias C., Silva M., Pereira E., Silva S., Cerejo A, Smielewski P., et al. Post-traumatic multimodal brain monitoring: Response to hypertonic saline. Journal of Neurotrauma. 2014;31:1872-1880.Edit
Dias C., Silva M., Pereira E., Silva S., Cerejo A, Smielewski P., et al. Post-traumatic multimodal brain monitoring: Response to hypertonic saline. Journal of Neurotrauma. 2014;31:1872-1880.Edit
Pinto CM, Machado J., Lopes A.. Power Law and Entropy Analysis of Catastrophic Phenomena. Mathematical Problems in Engineering. 2013;2013:10.Edit
Petrich M, Silva PV. On presentations of semigroup rings. Boll. Unione Mat. Ital. Sez. B Artic. Ric. Mat. (8). 1999;2:127-142.Edit
Pin J-, Silva PV. On profinite uniform structures defined by varieties of finite monoids. Internat. J. Algebra Comput.. 2011;21:295-314.Edit
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Petrich M, Silva PV. On quasi directly infinite rings. Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged). 1999;65:61-75.Edit