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Articles in international peer reviewed journals
Benkart G, Lopes SA, Ondrus M. A Parametric Family of Subalgebras of the Weyl Algebra I. Structure and Automorphisms. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.. 2015;367(3):1993-2021.Edit
Silva H, Brito P., Da Costa J. a partitional clustering algorithm validated by a clustering tendency index based on graph theory. pattern recognition. 2006;39:776-788.Edit
Brunat JM, de Oliveira AG, Noy M. Partitions of a finite Boolean lattice into intervals. European J. Combin.. 2009;30:1801-1809.Edit
Bras-Amorós M, García-Sánchez PA. Patterns on numerical semigroups. Linear Algebra Appl.. 2006;414:652-669.Edit
Vilas-Boas V., Silva R., Gaio A., Martins A., Lima S., Cordeiro-da-Silva A., et al. P-glycoprotein activity in human Caucasian male lymphocytes does not follow its increased expression during aging. Cytometry Part A. 2011;79 A:912-919.Edit
Ribeiro C., Ladeira I., Gaio A., Brito MC. Pneumococcal pneumonia-are the new severity scores more accurate in predictingadverse outcomes? [Pneumonia pneumocócica-serão os novos scoresmais precisos a prever eventos desfavoráveis?]. Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia. 2013;19:252-259.Edit
Cordeiro-da-Costa J., Oliveira O., Baía L., Gaio A., Correia-Neves M., Duarte R.. Prevalence and factors associated to Diabetes mellitus among Tuberculosis patients: a nationwide cohort. European Respiratory Journal . 2016;48:264-268.Edit
Lucas R, Martins A, Severo M, Silva P., Monjardino T, Gaio A., et al. Quantitative Modelling of Hip Fracture Trends in 14 European Countries: Testing Variations of a Shared Reversal over Time. Scientific Reports. 2017;7(1):1-9.Edit
Borges I, Lomp C. Quantum groupoids acting on semiprime algebras. Adv. Math. Phys.. 2011:Art. ID 546058, 9.Edit
Brazdil P., Soares C, Da Costa J. ranking learning algorithms: using ibl and meta-learning on accuracy and time results. machine learning. 2003;50:251-277.Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J. Realization theory for Hamiltonian systems. SIAM J. Control Optim.. 1987;25:63-73.
Büyükasik E, Lomp C. On a recent generalization of semiperfect rings. Bull. Aust. Math. Soc.. 2008;78:317-325.Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J. Reduction of Hamiltonian systems with symmetry. J. Differential Equations. 1991;94:95-111.
Bessa M, Rocha J. A remark on the topological stability of symplectomorphisms. Appl. Math. Lett.. 2012;25:163-165.
Bessa M, Rocha J. Removing zero Lyapunov exponents in volume-preserving flows. Nonlinearity. 2007;20:1007-1016.
Bradlow SB, García-Prada O, Gothen PB. Representations of the fundamental group of a surface in $\rm PU(p,q)$ and holomorphic triples. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Sér. I Math.. 2001;333:347-352.Edit
Noriega M, Martinez JP, Laguna P, Bailon R, Almeida R. Respiration Effect on Wavelet-Based ECG T-Wave End Delineation Strategies. Ieee Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 2012;59:1818-1828.Edit
Büyükasik E, Lomp C. Rings whose modules are weakly supplemented are perfect. Applications to certain ring extensions. Math. Scand.. 2009;105:25-30.Edit
Bonatti C, Díaz LJ, Pujals ER, Rocha J. Robustly transitive sets and heterodimensional cycles. Astérisque. 2003:xix, 187-222.Edit
Rosales J., García-Sánchez PA, García-García JI, Branco MB. Saturated numerical semigroups. Houston J. Math.. 2004;30:321-330 (electronic).Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J. Second-order conditions for local controllability. Systems Control Lett.. 1998;35:287-290.
Blanco V, García-Sánchez PA, Geroldinger A.. Semigroup-theoretical characterizations of arithmetical invariants with applications to numerical monoids and Krull monoids. Illinois J. Math.. 2011;55:1385-1414 (2013).Edit
Bernardes J, Gonçalves H, Ayres-de-Campos D., Rocha AP. Sex differences in linear and complex fetal heart rate dynamics of normal and acidemic fetuses in the minutes preceding delivery. {JOURNAL OF PERINATAL MEDICINE}. 2009;{37}:{168-176}.Edit
Bessa M, Rocha J, Torres MJ. Shades of hyperbolicity for Hamiltonians. Nonlinearity. 2013;26:2851-2873.Edit
Melo V., Baía L., Gaio A., Duarte R.. Silicosis, tuberculosis time bomb? Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22(6):355-357.Edit


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