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[2015-39] Sumi N., Varandas P, Yamamoto K. Partial hyperbolicity and specification .Edit
[2004-9] Almeida J, Margolis SW, Volkov M. The Pseudovariety of Semigroups of Triangular Matrices over a Finite Field .Edit
[2010-20] Yakubovich SB, Vieira N. A radial version of the Kontorovich-Lebedev transform in the unit ball .Edit
[2004-17] Alves JF, Araújo V, Vásquez CH. # Random perturbations of diffeomorphisms with dominated splitting .Edit
[2015-7] Freitas AC, Freitas JM, Todd M, Vaienti S. Rare Events for the Manneville-Pomeau map .Edit
[2006-20] Almeida J, Margolis SW, Steinberg B, Volkov M. Representation theory of finite semigroups, semigroup radicals and formal language theory .Edit
[2014-31] Faranda D, Freitas JM, Guiraud P, Vaienti S. Sampling local properties of attractors via Extreme Value Theory .Edit
[2010-12] Kraubhar R., Vieira N. The Schrodinger equation on cylinders and the n-torus .Edit
[2011-4] Krausshar R., Rodrigues M., Vieira N. The Schrödinger semigroup on some flat and non flat manifolds .Edit
[2015-11] Varandas P. (Semi)continuity of the entropy of Sinai probability measures for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms .
[2005-43] Araújo V, Pacifico MJ, Pujals E., Viana M. Singular-hyperbolic attractors are chaotic .Edit
[2005-12] Bigazzi A., Biferale L., Gama SM, Velli M.. Small-scale anisotropy and intermittency in high and low-latitude solar wind .Edit
[2016-15] Faranda D, Freitas JM, Guiraud P, Vaienti S. Statistical properties of random dynamical systems with contracting direction .Edit
[2014-22] Alves JF, Pumariño A, Vigil E. Statistical stability for multidimensional piecewise expanding maps .Edit
[2012-13] Vieira N, Yakubovich SB. Time-dependent problems for a wedge via Kontorovich-Lebedev's transform .Edit
[2011-1] Yakubovich SB, Vieira N. The use of Kontorovich-Lebedev's transform in an analysis of regularized Schrodinger equation .Edit
[2014-27] Varandas P. A version of Kac's lemma on first return times for suspension flows .
[2015-31] Varandas P, Zhao V.. Weak Gibbs measures: speed of convergence to entropy, topological and geometrical aspects .Edit
Proceedings classified as book chapters
Mano VM, Cascais EM, Vieira L. Inequalities on the parameters of a strongly regular graph. Vol Modelling, Dynamics,Optimization and Bioeconomics I Porto, Portugal: Springer International Publishing 2014.Edit
Mano VM, Cascais EM, Vieira L. Some results on the Krein parameters of a strongly regular graph. Vol Dynamics, Games and Science, International Conference and Advanced School PLanet Earth, DGSII, Portugal, August 28 September 6, Portugal, Lisbon: Jean Pierre Bourguignon, Rolf Jeltsch, Alberto Adrego Pinto, Marcelo Viana eds, Springer 2015.Edit
Vasconcelos PB, Matos JM, Trindade M.. Spectral Lanczos’ tau method for systems of nonlinear integro-differential equations. Vol Integral Methods in Science and Engineering Springer 2017.Edit
Vieira P., Oliveira PM, Cunha Á. Stochastic Runge–Kutta Schemes for Discretization of Hysteretic Models. Vol Recent Developments in Modeling and Applications in Statistics, Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics Springer 2013.Edit
Proceedings of international conferences (peer reviewed)
Gouveia S., Rocha AP, Van De Borne P., Lago P. Assessing baroreflex sensitivity in the sequences technique: Local versus global approach. In: {32nd Annual Conference on Computers in Cardiology}. Vol {32}. {IEEE}; 2005. {. {p. 279-282p. }.Edit
Martinho MH, Ferreira RA, Vale I, Guimarães H. Atas do XXVII SIEM. In: XXVII SIEM: Seminário de Investigação em Educação Matemática. Vol Atas do XXVII SIEM.; 2016. Edit
Gavina A, Matos JM, Vasconcelos PB. Computation of Optimal Control Solutions with the Tau Method and an Error Estimator . In: Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA), 2014 14th International Conference on . Portugal, Guimarães: IEEE; 2014. 1. p. 111-115p. Edit