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[2009-25] Chertovskih R, Gama SM, Podvigina O., Zheligovsky V.. Dependence of magnetic field generation by thermal convection on the rotation rate .Edit
[2011-11] Polasek W. Endogeneity and Exogeneity in Sales Response Functions .Edit
[2018-7] Alves JF, Pumariño A. Entropy formula and continuity of entropy for piecewise expanding maps .Edit
[2011-28] Polasek W. The extended Hodrick-Prescott (HP) lter for spatial regression smoothing .Edit
[2009-22] Martins JF, Picken R. The fundamental Gray 3-groupoid of a smooth manifold and local 3-dimensional holonomy based on a 2-c .Edit
[2009-40] Castro SB, Labouriau IS, Podvigina O.. A heteroclinic network in mode interaction iwith symmetry .Edit
[2011-27] Polasek W. The Hodrick-Prescott (HP) lter as a Bayesian regression model .Edit
[2007-8] Antoneli F, S.Dias AP, Paiva RC. Hopf Bifurcation in Coupled Cell Networks with Interior Symmetries .Edit
[2005-17] Pastijn FJ, Oliveira LA. Ideal extensions of locally inverse semigroups .Edit
[2010-2] Passian A., Kouchekian S., Yakubovich SB. Index integral representations for connection between cartesian, cylindrical and spheroidal sytems .Edit
[2014-33] Paiva RC, Ferreira MS, Mendes AG, Eusébio AM. Interactive and multimedia contents associated with a system for computer-aided assessment .Edit
[2006-5] Araújo V, Pacifico MJ. Large deviations for non-uniformly expanding maps .Edit
[2007-36] Pin J-, Silva PV. A Mahler’s theorem for functions from words to integers .Edit
[2005-16] Pastijn FJ, Oliveira LA. Maximal dense ideal extensions of locally inverse semigroups .Edit
[2011-10] Polaseka W. MCMC estimation of extended Hodrick-Prescott (HP) ltering models .Edit
[2012-1] Pin J-, Silva PV. A noncommutative extension of Mahler's theorem on interpolation series .Edit
[2017-35] Pinto CM. Novel results of asymmetrically coupled fractional neurons .
[2007-3] Passian A., Simpson H., Kouchekian S., Yakubovich SB. On the orthogonality of the Macdonald's functions .Edit
[2017-36] Polizzi F., Rito C., Roulleau X.. A pair of rigid surfaces with p_g=q=2 and K^2=8 whose universal cover is not the bidisk .Edit
[2017-34] Pinto CM. Persistence of low levels of plasma viremia and of the latent reservoir in patients under ART: A fractional-order approach .
[2004-41] Araújo V, Pacifico MJ. Physical measures for infinite-modal maps .Edit
[2009-18] Pin J-, Silva PV. On profinite uniform structures defined by varieties of finite monoids .Edit
[2005-11] Labouriau IS, Pinho EM. Projected Wallpaper Patterns .Edit
[2009-45] Pinho E., Labouriau IS. On the projection of functions invariant under the action of a crystallographic group .Edit
[2008-45] Pinto M, M. Moreira L. Rank function on Lagrangian Matroids .Edit