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Articles in international peer reviewed journals
Almeida J. Minimal nonpermutative pseudovarieties of semigroups. III. Algebra Universalis. 1985;21:256-279.Edit
De Sa C, Soares C, Jorge A, Azevedo P., Costa JP. mining association rules for label ranking. advances in knowledge discovery and data mining, pt ii: 15th pacific-asia conference, pakdd 2011. 2011;6635:432-443.Edit
Aguiar P. A model for grid cells where spatially correlated place cells compete for the grid map nodes. BMC Neuroscience. 2013;14:P2.
Grammont L, Vasconcelos PB, Ahues M. A modified iterated projection method adapted to a nonlinear integral equation. Applied Mathematics and Computation. 2016;276:432-441.Edit
Almeida J, Higgins PM. Monoids respecting $n$-chains of intervals. J. Algebra. 1997;187:183-202.Edit
Almeida R, Martínez JP, Rocha AP, Laguna P. Multilead ECG Delineation Using Spatially Projected Leads From Wavelet Transform Loops. {IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING}. 2009;{56}:{1996-2005}.Edit
Conde-Sousa E, Szücs P, Peng H, Aguiar P. N3DFix: an Algorithm for Automatic Removal of Swelling Artifacts in Neuronal Reconstructions. Neuroinformatics. 2016:1-8.Edit
Aguiar MA. Networks with asymmetric inputs: lattice of synchrony subspaces. NONLINEARITY. 2018;31:3847-3879.Edit
Rodrigues M, Aguiar P. Neuronal connectivity inference from spike trains using an empirical probabilistic causality measure. BMC Neuroscience. 2009;10:P169.Edit
Ali H., Pereira F., Gama SM. A new approach to the Pontryagin maximum principle for nonlinear fractional optimal control problems. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences. 2016;39(13):3640-3649.Edit
Almeida J, Klíma O. New decidable upper bound of the second level in the Straubing-Thérien concatenation hierarchy of star-free languages. Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci.. 2010;12:41-58.Edit
Aguiar P, Sousa M, Lima D. NMDA Channels Together With L-Type Calcium. J Neurophysiol. 2014;111:1507-1518.Edit
Aguiar P, Sousa M., Lima D.. NMDA channels together with L-type calcium currents and calcium-activated nonspecific cationic currents are sufficient to generate windup in WDR neurons. Journal of Neurophysiology. 2010;104:1155-1166.Edit
Alves JF. Non-uniformly expanding dynamics: stability from a probabilistic viewpoint. Discrete Contin. Dynam. Systems. 2001;7:363-375.
Almeida J, Costa A. A note on pseudovarieties of completely regular semigroups. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society. 2015;92(2):233-237.Edit
Almeida J, Shahzamanian M.. A note on the finite basis and finite rank properties for pseudovarieties of semigroups. Semigroup Forum. 2018;97:177-180.Edit
Almeida J. A notion of branching rank for semilattices with descending chain condition. Order. 1988;4:397-409.Edit
Abuhlail J, Lomp C. On the notion of strong irreducibility and its dual. J. Algebra Appl.. 2013;12:1350012.Edit
Amorim I, Machiavelo A, Reis R. On the number of linear finite transducers. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science. 2015;26(7):873-893.Edit
Aguiló-Gost F, García-Sánchez PA, Llena D.. On the number of $\ssfL$-shapes in embedding dimension four numerical semigroups. Discrete Math.. 2015;338:2168-2178.Edit
Silva P., Travassos B, Vilar L, Aguiar P, Davids K, Araújo D, et al. Numerical relations and skill level constrain co-adaptive behaviors of agents in sports teams. PloS one. 2014;9:e107112.Edit
Silva P., Travassos B, Vilar L, Aguiar P, Davids K, Araújo D, et al. Numerical relations and skill level constrain co-adaptive behaviors of agents in sports teams. PloS one. 2014;9:e107112.Edit
Silva P., Travassos B, Vilar L, Aguiar P, Davids K, _. Numerical Relations and Skill Level Constrain Co-Adaptive Behaviors of Agents in Sports.. 2014.Edit
Linkès M, Afonso MM, Fede P, Morchain J, Schmitz P. Numerical study of substrate assimilation by a microorganism exposed to fluctuating concentration. Chemical Engineering Science. 2012;81:8-19.Edit


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