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[2014-36] Broda S, Cavadas S, Moreira N. Derivative Based Methods for Deciding SKA and SKAT DCC-FC & CMUP, Universidade do Porto .Edit
[2014-8] Bessa M, Rodrigues A. A dichotomy in area-preserving reversible maps .Edit
[2008-2] Araújo V, Bessa M. Dominated splitting and zero volume for incompressible three-flows .Edit
[2008-11] Baptista M., Maranhão D., Sartorelli J.. Dynamical estimates of chaotic systems from Poincaré recurrences .Edit
[2006-15] Bessa M, Rocha J. The dynamics of a conservative Hénon map .Edit
[2005-31] Bessa M. Dynamics of generic 2-dimensional linear differential systems .
[2007-2] Bessa M. Dynamics of generic multidimensional linear differential systems .
[2007-6] Baptista M., Gama SM, Zheligovsky V.. Eddy diffusivity in convective hydromagnetic systems .Edit
[2010-8] Bessa M, Varandas P. On the entropy of conservative flows .
[2008-41] Bruin H, Todd M. Equilibrium staes for interval maps: potentials with $\sup \phi - \inf \phi < \htop(f)$ .Edit
[2007-23] Bruin H, Todd M. Equilibrium states for interval maps: potentials of bounded range .Edit
[2007-37] Bruin H, Todd M. Equilibrium states for interval maps: the potential −tlog|Df| .Edit
[2018-1] Aparicio-Arroyo M, Bradlow SB, Colier B, García-Prada O, Gothen PB, Oliveira AG. Exotic components of SO(p,q) surface group representations, and their Higgs bundle avatars .Edit
[2008-33] Baptista M., Carvalho J., Hussein M.. Finding quasi-optimal network topologies for information transmission in active networks .Edit
[2013-5] Basto-Gonçalves J. The Gauss map for Lagrangean and isoclinic surfaces .
[2009-9] Ben Cheikh Y., Yakubovich SB. Generalized Fourier transform associated with the differential operator D^n_z in the complex domain .Edit
[2014-7] Bessa M, Carvalho M, Rodrigues A. Generic area-preserving reversible diffeomorphisms .Edit
[2007-10] Bessa M, Dias JL. Generic dynamics of 4-dimensional C² Hamiltonian systems .Edit
[2015-38] Bessa M, Ferreira C, Rocha J, Varandas P. Generic Hamiltonian dynamics, .Edit
[2008-8] Bessa M. Generic incompressible flows are topological mixing .
[2004-39] Basto-Gonçalves J, Reis H.. The geometry of quadratic 2x2 systems of conservation laws .Edit
[2013-22] Broda S, Machiavelo A, Moreira N, Reis R. Glushkov and Equation Automata for KAT Expressions .
[2010-29] Bartholdi L, Silva PV. Groups defined by automata .Edit
[2008-3] Bessa M, Dias JL. Hamiltonian elliptic dynamics on symplectic 4-manifolds .Edit
[2013-3] Bradlow SB, García-Prada O, Gothen PB. Higgs bundles for the non-compact dual of the special orthogonal group .Edit