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[2010-32] Vasconcelos PB, Largillier A., d'Almeida FD, Ahues M. Comparison of two Di fferent Discretizations for Spectral Computations for Integral Operators .Edit
[2010-33] d'Almeida FD, Vasconcelos PB. Convergence of Multipower Defect Correction for Spectral Computations of Integral Operators .
Castro SB, Dakhlia S, Gothen PB. Direct perturbations of aggregate excess demand. J. Math. Econom.. 2010;46:562-571.Edit
Dias AP, Pinho EM. On the enumeration of periodic patterns of synchrony via finite bidirectional networks. Proceedings A of the Royal Society of London. 2010;466:891-910.Edit
[2010-31] d'Almeida FD, Ahues M, Fernandes R. Error Bounds and Discretization Grids in the Solution of Weakly Singular Integral Equations .Edit
[2010-35] Castro SB, Dakhlia S., Gothen PB. From Singularity Theory to Finiteness of Walrasian Equilibria .Edit
Costa JP, Amaral IF, Coelho F., Da Costa J, Cardoso JS. Hierarchical medical image annotation using SVM-based approaches. In: Proceedings of the IEEE/EMBS Region 8 International Conference on Information Technology Applications in Biomedicine, ITAB.; 2010. Edit
Amaral IF, Coelho F., Da Costa J, Cardoso JS. hierarchical medical image annotation using svm-based approaches. proceedings of the ieee/embs region 8 international conference on information technology applications in biomedicine, itab. 2010.Edit
Vasconcelos PB, Roman JE, d'Almeida FD. Integral Operator Spectral Computations using PETSc/SLEPc libraries. In: Proenca A, Pina A, Tobio J.G, Ribeiro L, editors. IBERGRID: 4th Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference Proceedings.; 2010. 3. p. 395-403p. Edit
de Oliveira AG, Vergnas ML. Parking functions and labeled trees. Sém. Lothar. Combin.. 2010;65:Art. B65e, 10.Edit
Costa JP, Rao P, Da Costa J. A performance study of a consensus clustering algorithm and properties of partition graph. In: 2010 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research, ICCIC 2010.; 2010. Edit
Rao P, Da Costa J. a performance study of a consensus clustering algorithm and properties of partition graph. 2010 ieee international conference on computational intelligence and computing research, iccic 2010. 2010:27-31.Edit
Antoneli F, Dias AP, Pinto CM. Quasi-periodic states in coupled rings of cells. Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simul.. 2010;15:1048-1062.Edit
Cordeiro E, Delgado M. On the relative solvability of certain inverse monoids. Semigroup Forum. 2010;81:531-547.
Shahzamanian M., Shirmohammadi M., Davvaz B.. Roughness in Cayley graphs. Inform. Sci.. 2010;180:3362-3372.Edit
Vasconcelos PB, d'Almeida FD, Ahues M. Comparison of two discretizations for spectral computations for integral operators. Int. J. Pure Appl. Math.. 2011;71:261-270.Edit
Antoneli F, Dias AP, Paiva RC. Coupled Cell Networks: Hopf Bifurcation and Interior Symmetry. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems. 2011:71-78.Edit
Aguiar MA, Ashwin P., Dias A, Field M. Dynamics of coupled cell networks: Synchrony, heteroclinic cycles and inflation. Journal of Nonlinear Science. 2011;21(2):271-323.Edit
Maroni P., Mesquita T., da Rocha Z.. On the general cubic decomposition of polynomial sequences. Journal of Difference Equations and Applications. 2011;17(9):1303-1332.Edit
Dias AP, Paiva RC. Hopf bifurcation in coupled cell networks with abelian symmetry. Vol Boletim especial da Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática. Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática ed. 2011.Edit
Almeida M, Moreira N, Reis R. Incremental DFA Minimisation. In: Domaratzki M, Salomaa K, editors. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata (CIAA 2010). Winnipeg, MA, Canada; 2011. 3. p. 39-48p. Edit
Delgado M, Steinberg B. On iterated Mal'cev products with a pseudovariety of groups. Internat. J. Algebra Comput.. 2011;21:1285-1304.Edit
Costa JP, De Sa C, Soares C, Jorge A, Azevedo P., Costa JP. Mining Association Rules for Label Ranking. In: ADVANCES IN KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY AND DATA MINING, PT II: 15TH PACIFIC-ASIA CONFERENCE, PAKDD 2011.; 2011. Edit
De Sa C, Soares C, Jorge A, Azevedo P., Costa JP. mining association rules for label ranking. advances in knowledge discovery and data mining, pt ii: 15th pacific-asia conference, pakdd 2011. 2011;6635:432-443.Edit
Romero E, Cruz MB, Roman JE, Vasconcelos PB. A Parallel Implementation of the Jacobi-Davidson Eigensolver for Unsymmetric Matrices. In: Palma JMLaginha, Daydé M, Marques O, Lopes JCorreia, editors. High Performance Computing for Computational Science – VECPAR 2010: 9th International conference, Berkeley, CA, USA, June 22-25, 2010, Revised Selected Papers. Vol 6449. Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 2011. 3. p. 380-393p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol 6449).Edit


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