Hiperbolic sine by tau approximation for itau object.

   [F, e, n] = sinht(x)

   F = sinht(x) is a function to approximate by tau method sinh(x), x in 
   [a, b]. This function goal is to take the machine precision in this
   approximation, once sinht(x) can be a funcional coeefficient at the
   equation. For this porpouse, we are usinhg schursolver function, which
   will decide the approximation degree to achieve 1e-16. Concluding, now
   is possible to use sinht(x) as coefficient.

   x = independent tau variable (itau object).

   F = polynomial approximation of sinh(x) in [a, b] evaluated (with 
       orthovalM) in argument M = matrixM(x) (double matrix).

See also
  sint, cost, cosht, expt and logt.