Solve a system of linear algebraic equations.

   a = solvingthesystem(G, b, varargin)

   a = solvingthesystem(G, b, varargin) returns the vector a such that a = 
   G^(-1)*b. A specific solver and a preconditioner can be selected.

Input (required)
   G        = matrix.
   b        = vector.

Input (optional)
   solver   = linear system solver. Use 'solver' and
              1 to gaussean ellimination,     8 to bicgstabl, 
              2 to Gauss-Seidel,              9 to bicg, 
              3 to Jacobi,                    10 to minres, 
              4 to Matlab backslash,          11 to qmr, 
              5 to cg,                        12 to tfqmr and
              6 to gmres,                     13 to lsqr.
              7 to bicgstab, 
   precond   = preconditioner ('no', 'ilu', 'diag').
               for 'ndiad' define: 'numbd' (number of diagonals);
               for 'ilu' define: 'milu', 'typeilu', 'droptol', 
                                                     'thresh' and 'udiag'.
   precision = for iterative solvers.

   a         = vector solution that Ga = b.

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