This is my homepage…

I am a (computational) mathematician who does research work in the areas of Finite Semigroups and Numerical Semigroups. Producing mathematical software is for me far more than a simple hobby.
My mathematical interests include also Automata Theory, Group Theory and computational methods in these areas.

If, for some reason, you reached this page, you are possibly interested in following some links in the navigation bar. Almost all of them are related to my research work.
“Numbers” is a place where I plan to made public results of experiments with numerical semigroups that I have been doing for some years… It already contains the number of numerical semigroups with genus 55, which is a huge not previously known number.


I have a blog that may be reached following this link. Unfortunately it seems to be out of date, since time to keep adding new posts regularly has not been enough. The hope that it will happen again some day has not yet been lost. As a kind of a backup, the collection of posts I have written are available in a single pdf file, as if it was an ebook.

Although it is not excluded to include there some posts written in other languages, it is written in Portuguese. After all, Portuguese is one of the most widely spoken languages all over the world…
The blog will not follow any rules neither will be dedicated to a single theme. I will publish there whenever and whatever I want. My will to do this is the only requirement. Well, some available time and an internet connection are also required.

Old homepage

To see my old homepage please follow this link.


Some day I have decided to create a page (in Portuguese) dedicated to my hobbies… The time does not suffice to keep it up to date but you may wish to follow this link since most of the links there still work and my hobbies are still the same.