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[2016-26] Almeida J, Costa A. Equidivisible pseudovarieties of semigroups .Edit
Explosion of differentiability for equivalencies between Anosov flows on 3-manifolds. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 2016;144(9):3757-3766.
[2016-27] Azevedo D, Freitas AC, Freitas JM, Rodrigues FB. Extreme Value Laws for dynamical systems with countable extremal sets .Edit
Faranda D, Freitas JM, Guiraud P, Vaienti S. Extreme value theory for piecewise contracting maps with randomly applied stochastic perturbations. Stoch. Dyn.. 2016;16:1660015, 23.Edit
Lucarini V, Faranda D, Freitas AC, Freitas JM, Holland M, Kuna T, et al. Extremes and recurrence in dynamical systems John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ 2016.Edit
Gerós A, Horta R, Aguiar P. Facegram–Objective quantitative analysis in facial reconstructive surgery. Journal of biomedical informatics. 2016;61:1-9.Edit
Almeida J, Costa JC, Zeitoun M. Factoriality and the Pin-Reutenauer procedure. Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci.. 2016;18:Paper No. 1, 23.Edit
Silva PV, Soler-Escrivà X, Ventura E. Finite automata for Schreier graphs of virtually free groups. J. Group Theory. 2016;19:25-54.Edit
[2016-25] Almeida J, Shahzamanian M.. The finite basis and finite rank properties for pseudovarieties of semigroups .Edit
Pinto N. Formulation and communication of evaluative forensic science expert opinion—A GHEP-ISFG contribution to the establishment of standards. Forensic Science International: Genetics. 2016;25:210-213.Edit
Pinto CM. Fractional complex-order model for HIV infection with drug resistance during therapy. Journal of Vibration and Control. 2016;22(9):2222-2239.Edit
[2016-5] Oliveira LA. The free idempotent generated locally inverse semigroup .
da Rocha Z.. A general method for deriving some semi-classical properties of perturbed second degree forms: the case of the Chebyshev form of second kind. J. Comput. Appl. Math.. 2016;296 :677-689.Edit
Konstantinidis S, Moreira N, Reis R. Generating Error Control Codes With Automata and Transducers. In: Bordihn H, Freund R, Nagy B, Vaszil G, editors. Eighth Workshop on Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications (NCMA 2016). Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft; 2016. 2. p. 211-226p. Edit
Almeida J, Costa A. A geometric interpretation of the Schützenberger group of a minimal subshift. Arkiv för Matematik. 2016;54(2):243-275.Edit
Labouriau IS, Rodrigues AA. Global bifurcations close to symmetry. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 2016;444(1):648-671.Edit
[2016-12] Alarcón B, Castro SB, Labouriau IS. Global Saddles for Planar Maps .
Silva MJ, Pinheiro R, Almeida R, Cunha F, Ribeiro A, Rocha AP, et al. Heart Rate Variability in Children Submitted to Surgery. Journal of Anesthesia & Clinical Research. 2016;7.Edit
Aguiar MA, Dias A.. Heteroclinic network dynamics on joining coupled cell networks. Dynamical Systems An International Journal. 2016.Edit
Gothen PB. Hitchin Pairs for non-compact real Lie groups. In: GEOQUANT. Vol Travaux Mathématiques 24 (2016), Special issue based on School GEOQUANT at the ICMAT Madrid, Spain, September 2015. Madrid, Spain: University of Luxemburg; 2016. 1. p. 183-200p.
Araújo V, Silva PV. Holder conditions for endomorphisms of hyperbolic groups. Comm. Algebra. 2016;44(10):4483-4503.Edit
Labouriau IS, Murza AC. Hopf bifurcation with tetrahedral and octahedral symmetry. SIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems. 2016;15(1):106-124.Edit
Silva PV, Soares F. Howson’s property for semidirect products of semilattices by groups. Comm. Algebra. 2016;44(6):2482-2494.Edit
Reis R, Rodaro E. Ideal regular languages and strongly connected synchronizing automata. Theoretical Computer Science. 2016;653:97-107.
Konstantinidis S, Meijer C, Moreira N, Reis R. Implementation of Code Properties via Transducers. In: Implementation and Application of Automata, 21th International Conference (CIAA 2016).; 2016. Edit


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