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Articles in international peer reviewed journals
Yakubovich SB, Saigo M. On the $L_p$-theorems for index transforms. S\=urikaisekikenky\=usho Kōky\=uroku. 1995:72-83.Edit
Yakubovich SB, Saigo M. On the Mehler-Fock index transform in $L_p$-space. S\=urikaisekikenky\=usho Kōky\=uroku. 1994:130-144.Edit
Yakubovich SB. On the Mehler-Fock integral transform in $L_p$-spaces. Extracta Math.. 1993;8:162-164.
Yakubovich SB, Saigo M. On the Mehler-Fock transform in $L_p$-space. Math. Nachr.. 1997;185:261-277.Edit
Sousa R, Yevseyeva I, Da Costa J, Cardoso JS. multicriteria models for learning ordinal data: a literature review. studies in computational intelligence. 2013;427:109-138.Edit
Yakubovich SB. Multidimensional Kontorovich-Lebedev transforms. Integral Transforms Spec. Funct.. 2011;22:123-141.
Hai NT, Yakubovich SB, Wimp J. Multidimensional Watson transforms. Internat. J. Math. Statist. Sci.. 1992;1:105-119.Edit
Van Assche W., Yakubovich SB. Multiple orthogonal polynomials associated with Macdonald functions. Integral Transform. Spec. Funct.. 2000;9:229-244.Edit
Yakubovich SB, Kalla SL. On a new approach to convolution constructions. Internat. J. Math. Math. Sci.. 1993;16:435-448.Edit
Yakubovich SB. On the new approach to the constructions of the index transforms. Dissertationes Math. (Rozprawy Mat.). 1995;340:321-335.
Mityushev V, Yakubovich SB. On the new class of non-local problems for Laplace equation. Słup. Prace Mat. Przyr. Mat. Fiz.. 1994;9A:71-82.Edit
Craddock M., Yakubovich SB. New classes of non-convolution integral equations arising from Lie symmetry analysis of hyperbolic PDEs. J. Differential Equations. 2017;263(11):7412-7447.Edit
Yakubovich SB. On a new index transformation related to the product of Macdonald functions. Rad. Mat.. 2004;13:63-85.
Yakubovich SB. New index transforms of the Lebedev–Skalskaya type. Integral Transforms and Special Functions. 2016;27(2):137-152.
Yakubovich SB. New index transforms with the product of Bessel functions. Integral Transforms and Spec. Functions. 2015;26(12):939-955.
Yakubovich SB. New inversion, convolution and Titchmarsh's theorems for the half-Hilbert transform. Integral Transforms Spec. Funct.. 2014;25:955-968.
Yakubovich SB. A new Kontorovich-Lebedev-like transformation. Commun. Math. Anal.. 2012;13:86-99.
Kalla SL, Luchko Y., Yakubovich SB. The new Leibniz rules and their integral analogues. Internat. J. Math. Statist. Sci.. 1993;2:187-225 (1995).Edit
Yakubovich SB. New summation and transformation formulas of the Poisson, Müntz, Möbius and Voronoi type. Integral Transforms Spec. Functions. 2015;26(10):768-795.
Yakubovich SB, Gusarevich L.. On the non-convolution transformation with the Macdonald type kernel function. Fract. Calc. Appl. Anal.. 1998;1:297-309.Edit
Luchko Y., Yakubovich SB. Operational calculus for the generalized fractional differential operator and applications. Math. Balkanica (N.S.). 1993;7:119-130.Edit
Luchko Y., Yakubovich SB. An operational method for solving some classes of integro-differential equations. Differentsial\cprime nye Uravneniya. 1994;30:269-280, 365.Edit
Yakubovich SB, Luchko Y.. Operational properties of convolution for the Kontorovich-Lebedev transformation. Dokl. Akad. Nauk Belarusi. 1994;38:19-23, 122-123.Edit
Passian A., Simpson H., Kouchekian S., Yakubovich SB. On the orthogonality of the MacDonald's functions. J. Math. Anal. Appl.. 2009;360:380-390.Edit
Yakubovich SB, de Graff J.. On Parseval equalities and boundedness properties for Kontorovich-Lebedev type operators. Novi Sad J. Math.. 1999;29:185-205.Edit


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