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Articles in international peer reviewed journals
Reis H. Semi-complete vector fields of saddle-node type in C^n. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.. 2008;360(12):6611-6630.
Carvalho M, Rodrigues F, Varandas P. Semigroup actions of expanding maps. Journal of Statistical Physics. 2017;166(1):114-136.Edit
Almeida J, Rodaro E. Semisimple synchronizing automata and the Wedderburn-Artin theory. Internat. J. Foundat. Comput. Sci.. 2016;27(2):127-145.Edit
Rocha J, Varandas P. On sensitivity to initial conditions and uniqueness of conjugacies for structurally stable diffeomorphisms. Nonlinearity. 2018;31:293-313.Edit
Neto E, Alves CJ, Sousa D., Alencastre IS, Lourenço A., Leitão L., et al. Sensory neurons and osteoblasts: Close partners in a microfluidic platform. Integrative Biology (United Kingdom). 2014;6:586-595.Edit
Rebelo JC, Reis H. Separatrices for C^2 actions on 3-manifolds. Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici. 2013;88(3):677-714.Edit
Rebelo JC, Reis H. Separatrices for C^2 actions on 3-manifolds. Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici. 2013;88(3):677-714.Edit
Rosales J., García-Sánchez PA, Urbano-Blanco J.. The set of solutions of a proportionally modular Diophantine inequality. J. Number Theory. 2008;128:453-467.Edit
Bernardes J, Gonçalves H, Ayres-de-Campos D., Rocha AP. Sex differences in linear and complex fetal heart rate dynamics of normal and acidemic fetuses in the minutes preceding delivery. {JOURNAL OF PERINATAL MEDICINE}. 2009;{37}:{168-176}.Edit
Bessa M, Rocha J, Torres MJ. Shades of hyperbolicity for Hamiltonians. Nonlinearity. 2013;26:2851-2873.Edit
Rebelo A, Capela A., Da Costa JP, Guedes C., Carrapatoso E., Cardoso JS. a shortest path approach for staff line detection. axmedis 2007: third international conference on automated production of cross media content for multi-channel distribution, proceedings. 2007:79-85.Edit
Labouriau IS, Ruas MA. Singularities of equations of Hodgkin-Huxley type. Dynam. Stability Systems. 1996;11:91-108.Edit
Díaz LJ, Esteves S, Rocha J. Skew product cycles with rich dynamics: from totally non-hyperbolic dynamics to fully prevalent hyperbolicity. Dyn. Syst.. 2016;31:1-40.Edit
de Matos JC, Matos JM, Rodrigues MJ. Solving differential and integral equations with Tau method.. 2017.Edit
Rito C. Some bidouble planes with $p_g=q=0$ and $4\leq K^2\leq 7$. International Journal of Mathematics. 2015;26(5).
Howie J., Reilly N., Silva PV, Volkov M. A special issue dedicated to the memory of Walter Douglas Munn: a note from the editors. Semigroup Forum. 2010;81:1.Edit
Costa O., Lago P, Rocha AP, Freitas J., Puig J, Carvalho M., et al. The spectral analysis of heart rate variability. A comparative study between nonparametric and parametric spectral analysis in short series . {Revista portuguesa de cardiologia : orgao oficial da Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia = Portuguese journal of cardiology : an official journal of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology}. 1995;{14}:{621-626}.Edit
Rodrigues A, Labouriau IS. Spiralling dynamics near a heteroclinic network. Physica D. 2014.Edit
Rodrigues AA, Labouriau IS. Spiralling dynamics near heteroclinic networks. Phys. D. 2014;268:34-49.Edit
Bessa M, Ferreira C, Rocha J. On the stability of the set of hyperbolic closed orbits of a Hamiltonian. Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc.. 2010;149:373-383.Edit
Cardoso JS, Capela A., Rebelo A, Guedes C., Da Costa J. staff detection with stable paths. ieee transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence. 2009;31:1134-1139.Edit
Pribavkina EV, Rodaro E. State complexity for code operators. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science. 2011;22(7):1669-1681.Edit
Díaz L., Rocha J., Viana M. Strange attractors in saddle-node cycles: prevalence and globality. Invent. Math.. 1996;125:37-74.Edit
García-Sánchez PA, Llena D., Rosales J.. Strongly taut finitely generated monoids. Monatsh. Math.. 2008;155:119-124.Edit
Rosales J., García-Sánchez PA. On the structure of Cohen-Macaulay simplicial affine semigroups. Comm. Algebra. 1999;27:511-518.Edit


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