Contact topology of Gorenstein toric isolated singularities

Room 1.09
Friday, 8 June, 2018 - 15:30

Links of Gorenstein toric isolated singularities are good toric contact 
manifolds with zero first Chern class. In this talk I will present some 
results relating contact and singularity invariants in this particular 
toric context. Namely, 
(i) I will explain why the contact mean Euler characteristic is equal 
to the Euler characteristic of any crepant toric smooth resolution of 
the singularity (joint work with Leonardo Macarini). 
(ii) I will discuss applications of contact invariants of Lens spaces 
that arise as links of Gorenstein cyclic quotient singularities (joint 
work with Leonardo Macarini and Miguel Moreira). 


Miguel Abreu


Instituto Superior Técnico / CAMGSD

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