Hopf Algebras and Ore Extensions

FCUP, Maths building FC1, room 0.06
Tuesday, 29 November, 2016 - 15:00

Ore extensions provide a way of constructing new algebras from preexisting ones, by adding a new indeterminate subject to commutation relations. A recent generalization of this concept is that of double Ore extensions. On the other hand, Hopf algebras are algebras which possess a certain additional dual structure. The problem of extending a Hopf algebra structure through an Ore extension has been discussed in a recent paper by Brown, O'Hagan, Zhang and Zhuang, of which we present the main result. We then address the same problem but concerning double Ore extensions over a field and how it ties to the general case. We split the cases which are possible or not with respect to the data that determines the double Ore extension.


Manuel José Ribeiro de Castro Silva Martins


University of Porto