Inverse monoids and immersions of cell complexes

Room FC1 004, DMat-FCUP at 14:30
Friday, 24 November, 2017 (All day)

In the talk, we study immersions between cell complexes using inverse monoids. By an immersion f : D -> C between cell complexes, we mean a continous map which is a local homeomorphism onto its image, and we further suppose that commutes with the characteristic maps of the cell complexes. We describe immersions between finite-dimensional connected Delta-complexes by replacing the fundamental group of the base space by an appropriate inverse monoid. We show how conjugacy classes of the closed inverse submonoids of this inverse monoid may be used to classify connected immersions into the complex. This extends earlier results of Margolis and Meakin for immersions between graphs and of Meakin and Szakacs on immersions into 2-dimensional CW-complexes.


Nora Szakacs



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