Isabel Salgado Labouriau's Annual Report for 2013

Isabel Salgado Labouriau's Annual Report for 2013



Brief description of the research activities: 

Topics under study:

* Dynamics near heteroclinic networks, symmetry breaking --- with A.A.P. Rodrigues (CMUP); 

* Symmetries of projected symmetric patterns --- with E.M.O. Pinho (CEAU – Centro de Estudos em Arquitectura e Urbanismo da FAUP); 

* Bifurcations of nerve impulse equations and synchronization of coupled nerve cells --- with A. Murza (FCUP and CMUP);

* Estimates of dynamical invariants using unstable periodic orbits --- with M.S. Baptista (U. Aberdeen, UK) and P.R.F. Pinto (FCUP and CMUP); 

* Invariants for singularities of corank 1 --- with M.A.S. Ruas (ICMC, USP, Brasil); 

* the Markus-Yamabe problem for equivariant maps --- with B. Alarcón (U. Oviedo, Spain) and S.B.S.D. Castro (CMUP and FEP).


Articles in international peer reviewed journals : 

Papers accepted for publication in peer reviewed journals: 

Eliana M. Pinho, On the projection of functions invariant under the action of a crystallographic group, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
Isabel Salgado Labouriau, Periodic solutions in an array of coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo cells, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
Alexandre A. P. Rodrigues, Spiralling dynamics near heteroclinic networks, Physica D - Nonlinear Phenomena

Articles accepted for publication in peer reviewed proceedings: 

Alexandre A. P. Rodrigues, Partial symmetry breaking and heteroclinic tangencies, Dynamical systems: 100 years after Poincaré, Progress and challenges in dynamical systems, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, Springer Verlag, S. Ibáñez, J.S. Pérez del Río, A. Pumariño and J.A. Rodríguez

Talks / Seminars / Courses : 

Um carrossel caótico - dinâmica perto da simetria
Name of the event:
Isabel Salgado Labouriau
Location / City:
Brasília DF

Student Mentoring: 

2014, FCT SFRH/ BD/ 64374/ 2009
2016, CNPq 202332/2011-0
2015, FCT SFRH/BPD/84709/2012

Outreach activities: 

"Isabel Labouriau conversa com Graciano Oliveira" Gazeta de Matemática 169,