Maria Carvalho's Annual Report

Maria Carvalho's Annual Report



Brief description of the research activities: 

Study of the quantitative recurrence properties of actions of continuous maps, parameterized by random walks on finite free semigroups, with the aim of introducing the notion of metric entropy of such an action and of establishing a variational principle.

Analysis of the modulus of stability of a heteroclinic network between two saddle-foci within the global attractor of a Bykov symmetric three-dimensional vector field.

Talks / Seminars / Courses : 


Highlights in Dynamical Systems
Maria Carvalho

Outreach activities: 

Co-author, with Manuel Arala Chaves, of three articles published at Atractor Association's regular column at Gazeta de Matemática.

Mini-course Dynamics and Games, at the CPLP Mathematical Olympiads, about the dynamics of several games and the mathematical information they convey.