PARSS - Preeclampsia associated risk stratification study.

Aims of the project:
(1) To validate an optimized algorithm for interpreting angiogenic factors to predict pregnancy complications and provide evidence of its general applicability;
(2) To provide evidence to translate the use of these markers into clinical practice by following up on a subsequent randomized trial by providing knowledge of the test results to clinicians, aiming at reducing the rate of premature births among women with normal sFlt1/PlGF ratios and more appropriately using resources.

Role of A. Rita Gaio within the project:  responsable statistician.    

This is a research project carried out at Centro Materno Infantil do Norte, under the following protocol:  
IRB Protocol N. 399/13(236-DEFI/345-CES)




Start date: 

Wednesday, 1 January, 2014


Rita Gaio

Financial support: