Utumi Modules

Room 1.08, Mathematics building, FCUP
Thursday, 28 June, 2018 - 11:00

A right R-module M is called a Utumi Module (U-module) if, whenever A and B are isomorphic submodules of M with A ∩ B = 0, there exist two summands K and T of M such that A is an essential submodule of K, B is an essential submodule of T and K ⊕ T is a direct summand of M . The class of U -modules is a simultaneous and strict generalization of three fundamental classes of modules; namely the quasi-continuous, the square-free and the automorphism-invariant modules. In this talk we show that the class of U-modules inherits some of the important features of the aforementioned classes of modules. For example, a U-module M is clean if and only if it has the finite exchange property, if and only if it has the full exchange property.


Mohamed F. Yousif


The Ohio State University

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