Porto is a popular touristic destination, so we advise every participant to plan their booking well in advance. Below we mention a few nearby hotels. Additionally, the participants can also use the popular online booking platforms booking.com and airbnb.


Hotel Douro ***
Rua da Meditação, 71
(a 15-min walk to FCUP)

HF Tuela Porto ***      and
HF Tuela Porto AlaSul ***
Rua Arq. Marques da Silva, 200
(a 12-min walk to FCUP)

HF Fénix Porto ****
Rua Gonçalo Sampaio, 282
(a 12-min walk to FCUP)

HF Ipanema Porto ****
Rua do Campo Alegre, 156/172
(an 11-min walk to FCUP)

HF Ipanema Park *****
Rua de Serralves, 124
(an 11-min walk to FCUP)

Hotel ABC Porto – Boavista ****
Avenida da França, 168-178
(a 20-min walk to FCUP)
Located right by the subway station Casa da Música.

Other options

Seminário de Vilar
Rua Arcediago Vanzeller 50
(a 15-min walk to FCUP)
A religious institution offering very affordable accommodation and a magnificent view of the river. Also close to the city center.

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