The 65th European Study Group with Industry 2008

Training session - April 18 - 19

"Mathematical modelling and analysis of industrial problems"

This will consist of short courses on mathematical modelling and problem solving, aiming at familiarising participants with the type of situation that will be met at a typical study group. The course will be based on case studies from previous study groups and students will work in groups on these problems under the guidance of invited experts who have a wide experience of tackling industrial problems.

It will be a shorter version of the very successful ECMI modelling weeks which are run for students each year.

The idea of this session will be to introduce students to modelling in a variety of different areas and to give them some experience of working collaboratively. The session will start with an introductory lecture on modelling followed by the presentation of a number of Case Studies. The students will be divided into groups of 5-8 to work on these problems with the help of a local leader. (This could be a senior doctoral student or a postdoc or a faculty member). Each group will present their solution (or progress towards a solution) to the others at the end of the second day.