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[2017-29] Guedes de Oliveira A, Duarte R. Between She and Ish .Edit
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[2008-4] Yakubovich SB. Beurling's theorems and inversion formulas for certain index transforms .
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Leite A., Rocha AP, Silva ME. Beyond long memory in heart rate variability: An approach based on fractionally integrated autoregressive moving average time series models with conditional heteroscedasticity. Chaos. 2013;23.Edit
[2014-6] Brito M, Cavalcante L, Freitas AC. Bias corrected geometric-type estimators .
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[2007-29] Aguiar MA, Dias AP, Golubitsky M, Leite MC. Bifurcations from regular quotient networks: A first insight .Edit
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Rhodes J, Silva PV. Boolean Representations of Simplicial Complexes and Matroids. Vol Springer Monographs in Mathematics Springer 2015.Edit
[2006-39] Almeida J, Zeitoun M. A bottom-up minimization DFA algorithm and applications .Edit


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