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Matos V.. Problema de Riemann para Duas Leis de Conservação do Tipo IV com Região Elíptica 2004.Edit
[2017-30] Matos JC, Matos JM, Rodrigues MJ. Filtering the Tau method with Frobenius-Padé Approximants .Edit
[2006-14] Matos JM, Paiva LT, Rocha Z. Recursive computation of the Frobenius-Padé approximants: theory, stability and conditioning .Edit
Matos V, Silva JD, MARCHESIN DA. Loss of hyperbolicity changes the number of wave groups in Riemann problems. Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, New Series. 2016;47:545-559.Edit
Matos V., Marchesin D.. High Amplitude Solutions for Small Data in Pairs of Conservation Laws that Change Type. Benzoni-Gavage S, Serre D, editors Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2008.Edit
[2004-15] Matos JM, Rocha Z. Frobenius-Padé approximants for d-orthogonal series: theory and computational aspects .
Matos JM, Rodrigues MJ, de Matos JC. Explicit formulae for derivatives and primitives of orthogonal polynomials.. 2017.Edit
[2006-30] Matos J., Gama SM, Ruskin HJ, Sharkasi A, Crane M. Correlation of worldwide markets’ entropies: time-scale approach .Edit
Matos JM, Rodrigues M., Matos J.. Solving Integro-Differential Equations with Spectral Methods. In: 3rd International Conference on Numerical and Symbolic Computation. Universidade do Minho ed. APMTAC; 2017. 2. p. 221-230p. Edit
Matos J, Rodrigues MJ, Vasconcelos PB. New implementation of the tau method for PDEs. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on Computational and Applied Mathematics (ICCAM-2002). Vol 164/165.; 2004. 5. p. 555-567p. Edit
Mattei JF, Rebelo JC, Reis H. Generic pseudogroups on (C,0) and the topology of leaves. Compositio Mathematica. 2013;149(8):1401-1430.Edit
[2018-8] Matucci F, Silva PV. Extensions of automorphisms of self-similar groups .Edit
Meireles J., Gaio A., Duarte R.. Factors influencing tuberculosis screening in healthcare workers in Portugal. European Respiratory Journal. 2015;45:834-838.Edit
[2015-2] Melbourne I, Varandas P. A note on statistical properties for nonuniformly hyperbolic systems with slow contraction and expansion .Edit
Melo V., Baía L., Gaio A., Duarte R.. Silicosis, tuberculosis time bomb? Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22(6):355-357.Edit
Melo R, Fieldhouse R, Melo A, Correia JD, Cordeiro MN, Gumus ZH, et al. A Machine Learning Approach for Hot-Spot Detection at Protein-Protein Interfaces. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2016.Edit
[2006-28] Mena-Matos H, Moreira C. Generic singularities of the optimal averaged profit among stationary strategies .Edit
Mena-Matos H.. Singularities of the Hamiltonian Vectorfield in Optimal Control Problems. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 2001;254(1):53-70.
Mena-Matos H.. Singularities of the Hamiltonian Vectorfield in Nonautonomous Variational Problems. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 2003;283(2):610-632.
Mena-Matos H., Moreira C.. Generic singularities of the optimal averaged profit among stationary strategies. Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems. 2007;13(4):541-562.
Mena-Matos H., Moreira C.. Generic Singularities of the Optimal Averaged Profit Among Stationary Strategies. Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems. 2007;13(4):541-562.Edit
Mena-Matos H.. Generic profit singularities in time averaged optimization-the case of a control space with a regular boundary. Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems. 2010;16(1):101-120.
[2005-35] Mendes M. On the Maximal Invariant set .
Mendes M., Gaio A., Reis R., Duarte R.. Contact screening in tuberculosis: Can we identify those with higher risk? European Respiratory Journal. 2013;41:758-760.Edit
Mendes I., Vasconcelos PB. Lumping Method with Acceleration for the PageRank Computation. In: 2014 14th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications. IEEE; 2014. 2. p. 221-224p. Edit


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