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Articles in international peer reviewed journals
Severo M., Gaio A., Lourenço P., Alvelos M., Bettencourt P., Azevedo A. Indirect calibration between clinical observers - Application to the New York Heart Association functional classification system. BMC Research Notes. 2011;4.Edit
Pereira AJ, Aguiar P, Belsley M, Maiato H. Inducible fluorescent speckle microscopy. J Cell Biol. 2016;212:245-255.Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J. Inflection points and asymptotic lines on Lagrangian surfaces. Differential Geom. Appl.. 2014;35:9-29.
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Donner RV, Potirakis SM, Barbosa SM, Matos J., Pereira AJ, Neves LJ. Intrinsic vs. spurious long-range memory in high-frequency records of environmental radioactivity. The European Physical Journal. 2015;224:741-762.Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J. Invariant manifolds of a differentiable vector field. Portugal. Math.. 1993;50:497-505.
Bokowski J, de Oliveira AG. Invariant theory-like theorems for matroids and oriented matroids. Adv. Math.. 1994;109:34-44.Edit
Borges I, Lomp C. Irreducible actions and compressible modules. J. Algebra Appl.. 2011;10:101-117.Edit
Burness T, Ghandour S, Marion C, Testerman D. Irreducible almost simple subgroups of classical algebraic groups. Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society. 2015;236:vi+110.Edit
Burness T, Marion C, Testerman D. On irreducible subgroups of simple algebraic groups. Mathematische Annalen. 2017;367(3-4):1259-1309.Edit
Borlido C. The kappa-word problem over DRH. Theoretical Computer Science. 2017;702:1-22.
Dias C, Gaio A., Monteiro E, Barbosa S., Cerejo A, Donnely J, et al. Kidney-Brain Link in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients? A Preliminary Report. Neurocritical Care. 2015;22(2):192-201.Edit
Barisic M, Aguiar P, Geley S, Maiato H. Kinetochore motors drive congression of peripheral polar chromosomes by overcoming random arm-ejection forces. Nature cell biology. 2014;16:1249-1256.Edit
Marcal A, Borges J., Gomes J., Da Costa J. land cover update by supervised classification of segmented aster images. international journal of remote sensing. 2005;26:1347-1362.Edit
Brito M, Freitas AC. Limiting behaviour of a geometric-type estimator for tail indices. Insurance Math. Econom.. 2003;33:211-226.
Bernardes J, Gonçalves H, Ayres-de-Campos D., Rocha AP. Linear and complex heart rate dynamics vary with sex in relation to fetal behavioural states. {EARLY HUMAN DEVELOPMENT}. 2008;{84}:{433-439}.Edit
Gonçalves H, Bernardes J, Rocha AP, Ayres-de-Campos D.. Linear and nonlinear analysis of heart rate patterns associated with fetal behavioral states in the antepartum period. {EARLY HUMAN DEVELOPMENT}. 2007;{83}:{585-591}.Edit
Gonçalves H, Rocha AP, Ayres-de-Campos D., Bernardes J. Linear and nonlinear fetal heart rate analysis of normal and acidemic fetuses in the minutes preceding delivery. {MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING & COMPUTING}. 2006;{44}:{847-855}.Edit
Gonçalves H, Henriques-Coelho T., Bernardes J, Rocha AP, Nogueira A., Leite-moreira A. Linear and nonlinear heart-rate analysis in a rat model of acute anoxia. {PHYSIOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT}. 2008;{29}:{1133-1143}.Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J. Linearization of resonant vector fields. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.. 2010;362:6457-6476.
Basto-Gonçalves J. Local controllability along a reference trajectory. J. Math. Anal. Appl.. 1991;158:55-62.
Basto-Gonçalves J. Local controllability at critical points and generic systems in $3$-space. J. Math. Anal. Appl.. 1996;201:1-24.
Basto-Gonçalves J. Local controllability in $3$-manifolds. Systems Control Lett.. 1990;14:45-49.
Davydov A., Basto-Gonçalves J. Local controllability of dynamic inequalities in general position. Sovrem. Mat. Prilozh.. 2004:56-78.Edit
Basto-Gonçalves J. Local controllability of nonlinear systems. Systems Control Lett.. 1985;6:213-217.


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