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Gama SM, Vergassola M, Frisch U. Negative eddy-viscosity in isotropically forced two-dimensional flows: linear and nonlinear dynamics. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 1994;260:95-126.Edit
Matos J., Rodrigues MJ, Vasconcelos PB. New implementation of the Tau method for PDEs. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 2004;164(1):555-567.Edit
Matos J, Rodrigues MJ, Vasconcelos PB. New implementation of the tau method for PDEs. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on Computational and Applied Mathematics (ICCAM-2002). Vol 164/165.; 2004. 5. p. 555-567p. Edit
Mota PR, Vasconcelos PB. Nonconvex adjustment costs, hysteresis, and the macrodynamics of employment. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics. 2012;35:93-112.Edit
Bras-Amorós M, García-Sánchez PA, Vico-Oton A. Nonhomogeneous patterns on numerical semigroups. Internat. J. Algebra Comput.. 2013;23:1469-1483.Edit
Vasconcelos PB, d'Almeida FD. Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Applied to a Computational Fluid Mechanics Code. In: Amestoy PR, Berger P, Daydé M, Ruiz D, Duff I, Frayssé V et al., editors. Euro-Par'99 Parallel Processing: 5th International Euro-Par Conference Toulouse, France, August 31 – September 3, 1999 Proceedings. Vol 1685. Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 1999. 6. p. 608-612p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol 1685).Edit
[2015-2] Melbourne I, Varandas P. A note on statistical properties for nonuniformly hyperbolic systems with slow contraction and expansion .Edit
Aimino R, Vaienti S. A note on the large deviations for piecewise expanding multidimensional maps. In: Nonlinear dynamics new directions. Vol 11. Springer, Cham; 2015. 1. p. 1-10p. (Nonlinear Syst. Complex.; vol 11).Edit
Silva P., Travassos B, Vilar L, Aguiar P, Davids K, Araújo D, et al. Numerical relations and skill level constrain co-adaptive behaviors of agents in sports teams. PloS one. 2014;9:e107112.Edit
Silva P., Travassos B, Vilar L, Aguiar P, Davids K, _. Numerical Relations and Skill Level Constrain Co-Adaptive Behaviors of Agents in Sports.. 2014.Edit
d'Almeida FD, Titaud O, Vasconcelos PB. A numerical study of iterative refinement schemes for weakly singular integral equations. Applied Mathematics Letters. 2005;18:571-576.Edit
Vasconcelos PB, d'Almeida FD. A Parallel Code for Integral Equations on a Cluster of Computers. In: Constanda C, Largillier A., Ahues M, editors. Integral Methods in Science and Engineering: Analytic and Numerical Techniques. Birkhäuser Boston; 2004. 2. p. 261-266p. Edit
Vasconcelos PB, Marques O, Roman JE. Parallel Eigensolvers for a Discretized Radiative Transfer Problem. In: Palma JMLaginha, Amestoy PR, Daydé M, Mattoso M, Lopes JCorreia, editors. High Performance Computing for Computational Science - VECPAR 2008: 8th International Conference, Toulouse, France, June 24-27, 2008. Revised Selected Papers. Vol 5336. Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 2008. 3. p. 336-348p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol 5336).Edit
d'Almeida FD, Vasconcelos PB. A Parallel Implementation of the Atkinson Algorithm for Solving a Fredholm Equation. In: Palma JMLM, A. Sousa A, Dongarra J, Hernández V, editors. High Performance Computing for Computational Science –- VECPAR 2002: 5th International Conference Porto, Portugal, June 26–28, 2002 Selected Papers and Invited Talks. Vol 2565. Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 2003. 3. p. 368-376p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol 2565).Edit
Romero E, Cruz MB, Roman JE, Vasconcelos PB. A Parallel Implementation of the Jacobi-Davidson Eigensolver for Unsymmetric Matrices. In: Palma JMLaginha, Daydé M, Marques O, Lopes JCorreia, editors. High Performance Computing for Computational Science – VECPAR 2010: 9th International conference, Berkeley, CA, USA, June 22-25, 2010, Revised Selected Papers. Vol 6449. Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 2011. 3. p. 380-393p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol 6449).Edit
d'Almeida FD, Vasconcelos PB. Parallelization of an implicit algorithm for fluid flow problems. In: Topping B.HV, editor. Parallel and Distributed Processing for Computational Mechanics: Systems and Tools. Saxe-Coburg Publications, Stirlingshire, UK; 1999. 3. p. 300-314p. Edit
de Oliveira AG, Vergnas ML. Parking functions and labeled trees. Sém. Lothar. Combin.. 2010;65:Art. B65e, 10.Edit
[2015-39] Sumi N., Varandas P, Yamamoto K. Partial hyperbolicity and specification .Edit


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