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[2015-3] Sumi N, Varandas P, Yamamoto K. Absence of specification for partially hyperbolic flows .Edit
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[2009-11] Stadlbauer M. On random topological Markov chains with big images and preimages .Edit
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Sousa M., Szucs P., Lima D., Aguiar P. The pronociceptive dorsal reticular nucleus contains mostly tonic neurons and shows a high prevalence of spontaneous activity in block preparation. Journal of Neurophysiology. 2014;111:1507-1518.Edit
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Sousa P., Oliveira A., Gomes M., Gaio A., Duarte R.. Longitudinal clustering of tuberculosis incidence and predictors for the time profiles: the impact of HIV. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis.. 2016;20(8).Edit
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Sousa R, Yakubovich S. The spectral expansion approach to index transforms and connections with the theory of diffusion processes. Commun. Pure Appl. Anal.. 2018;17:2351-2378.Edit
Sousa M, Aguiar P, Szücs P. Reduction in inhibitory control is sufficient to generate hyperalgesia in a spiking model of nociceptive integration in the superficial dorsal horn. BMC neuroscience. 2013;14:P1.Edit
Sousa R, Cruzeiro AB, Guerra M. Barrier option pricing under the 2-hypergeometric stochastic volatility model. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 2018;328:197-213.Edit
Sousa R, de Oliveira PM. Estimação de estado em modelos lineares por intervalos em tempo discreto: comparação numérica de dois procedimentos 2000.Edit
Sousa R, Cardoso JS, Da Costa J, Cardoso M.. breast contour detection with shape priors. 2008 15th ieee international conference on image processing, vols 1-5. 2008:1440-1443.Edit
Sousa M., Aguiar P. Building, simulating and visualizing large spiking neural networks with NeuralSyns. Neurocomputing. 2014;123:372-380.Edit


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