International workshop on Non-associative algebras in Porto 2019

Tuesday, April 30th, 20h

Árvore Restaurant

R. De Azevedo De Albuquerque 2, 4050-647 Porto

Fish option: Oven baked Cod fish with greens and a crisp cornbread topping.

Meat option: Grilled steak with oven baked potatoes and sautéed veggies.

Veg option: TBA

Cost (including appetizers, drinks, dessert and coffee): 25 Euros

Friday, May 3rd, 20h

Restaurante Casa Agrícola

R. do Bom Sucesso 241, 4150-150 Porto

Fish option: Brothy monk dish rice with prawns.

Meat option: Grilled veal with baked potatoes and greens.

Veg option: Setas (pleurotos) mushrooms on a bed of vegetable risotto.

Cost (including appetizers, drinks, dessert and coffee): 27 Euros

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