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P Marques F, Fernandes C., Gaio A., Costa JP, Guilherme F.. A Sampling Methodology to Facilitate Biodiversity Assessment in Public Green Spaces. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. 2016;20:218-226.Edit
Marques N., Almeida R, Rocha AP, Coimbra M.. Exploring the Stationary Wavelet Transform detail coefficients for detection and identification of the S1 and S2 heart sounds. In: Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), 2013.; 2013. 8. p. 891-894p. Edit
Martínez JP, Almeida R, Olmos S., Rocha AP, Laguna P. A wavelet-based ECG delineator: Evaluation on standard databases. {IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING}. 2004;{51}:{570-581}.Edit
Martinho MH, Ferreira RA, Vale I, Guimarães H. Atas do XXVII SIEM. In: XXVII SIEM: Seminário de Investigação em Educação Matemática. Vol Atas do XXVII SIEM.; 2016. Edit
Martinho M., Ferreira RA, Boavida A., Menezes L.. Atas do XXV SIEM Associação de Professores de Matemática 2014.Edit
[2008-43] Martins JF, Mikovic A. Spin Foam Perturbation Theory for Three-Dimensional Quantum Gravity .Edit
Martins LF, Costa RO, Pedro JR, Aguiar P, Serra SC, Teixeira FG, et al. Mesenchymal stem cells secretome-induced axonal outgrowth is mediated by BDNF. Scientific Reports. 2017;7:4153.Edit
[2009-22] Martins JF, Picken R. The fundamental Gray 3-groupoid of a smooth manifold and local 3-dimensional holonomy based on a 2-c .Edit
[2009-1] Martins JF, Picken R. A Cubical Set Approach to 2-Bundles with Connection and Wilson Surfaces .Edit
[2016-1] Martins-Afonso M. Applications of Mathematics in Fluid Dynamics .Edit
Matos J., Gama SM, Ryskin H., Duarte J.. An econophysics approach to the Portuguese Stock Index – PSI-20. Physica A. 2004;342:665-676.Edit
[2017-31] Matos JM, Rodrigues MJ, de Matos JC. Explicit formulae for derivatives and primitives of orthogonal polynomials .Edit
Matos V., Azevedo A., Da Mota J., Marchesin D.. Bifurcation under parameter change of Riemann solutions for nonstrictly hyperbolic systems. Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik. 2015;66:1413-1452.Edit
A. Matos GJ, Vasconcelos PB. Tau Method for Linear Quadratic Regulator Problems. Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics. 2014;3:139-146.Edit
[2006-22] Matos J., Gama SM, Ruskin HJ, Sharkasi A, Crane M. Correlation of worldwide markets’ entropies .Edit
Matos J., Rodrigues MJ, Vasconcelos PB. New implementation of the Tau method for PDEs. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 2004;164(1):555-567.Edit
Matos J., da Rocha Z.. Frobenius-Padé approximants for d-orthogonal series: Theory and computational aspects. Applied Numerical Mathematics. 2004;52:89-112.Edit
Matos V.. Problema de Riemann para Duas Leis de Conservação do Tipo IV com Região Elíptica 2004.Edit
[2017-30] Matos JC, Matos JM, Rodrigues MJ. Filtering the Tau method with Frobenius-Padé Approximants .Edit
[2006-14] Matos JM, Paiva LT, Rocha Z. Recursive computation of the Frobenius-Padé approximants: theory, stability and conditioning .Edit
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[2004-15] Matos JM, Rocha Z. Frobenius-Padé approximants for d-orthogonal series: theory and computational aspects .
Matos JM, Rodrigues MJ, de Matos JC. Explicit formulae for derivatives and primitives of orthogonal polynomials.. 2017.Edit
[2006-30] Matos J., Gama SM, Ruskin HJ, Sharkasi A, Crane M. Correlation of worldwide markets’ entropies: time-scale approach .Edit


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