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[2014-36] Broda S, Cavadas S, Moreira N. Derivative Based Methods for Deciding SKA and SKAT DCC-FC & CMUP, Universidade do Porto .Edit
[2013-23] Nabais D, Moreira N, Reis R. Desco: a knowledge based system for descriptional complexity of formal languages .Edit
[2011-36] Moreira N, Nabais D, Reis R. DesCo: a Web Based Information System for Descriptional Complexity Results .Edit
Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems, 14th International Workshop (DCFS 2012). Vol 7386. Kutrib M, Moreira N, Reis R, editors Springer 2012.Edit
Silva MC, Mirra ME, Ribeiro MF. Dicionário de Matemática Elementar, de Stella Baruk. Vol 2 Edições Afrontamento 2005.Edit
Oliveira PM, Milheiro R, J. Gomes M. Dimensionamento de uma equipa de Medicina na Urgência do Hospital de S. João 1995.Edit
Gruslys V., Jonušas J., Mijović V, Ng O., Olsen L, Petrykiewicz I. Dimensions of prevalent continuous functions. Monatshefte für Mathematik. 2012.Edit
[2005-19] Mendes M. Discontinuous Maps exhibiting Symmetry Lebesgue-almost everywhere .
Câmpeanu C, Moreira N, Reis R. On the Dissimilarity Operation on Finite Languages. In: Bordihn H, Freund R, Nagy B, Vaszil G, editors. Eighth Workshop on Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications (NCMA 2016). Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft; 2016. 1. p. 105-120p. Edit
Câmpeanu C, Moreira N, Reis R. The Distinguishability Operation on Regular Languages. In: Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications (NCMA 2014).; 2014. Edit
Câmpeanu C, Moreira N, Reis R. Distinguishability Operations and Closures. Fundamenta Informaticae. 2016;148:243-266.Edit
[2009-48] Carvalho PA, Lopes SA, Matczuk J. Double Ore extensions versus iterated Ore extensions .Edit
Carvalho PA, Lopes SA, Matczuk J. Double Ore extensions versus iterated Ore extensions. Comm. Algebra. 2011;39:2838-2848.Edit
Pinto C., Lopes A., Machado J.. Double power laws, fractals and self-similarity. Applied Mathematical Modelling. 2014;38:4019-4026.Edit
[2006-23] Misiurewicz M, Rodrigues A. Double Standard Maps .Edit
[2017-12] Margolis S, Rhodes J, Silva PV. On the Dowling and Rhodes lattices and wreath products .Edit
Carvalho PA, Musson IM. Down-up algebras and their representation theory. J. Algebra. 2000;228:286-310.Edit
[2008-11] Baptista M., Maranhão D., Sartorelli J.. Dynamical estimates of chaotic systems from Poincaré recurrences .Edit
Mijovic V, Olsen L. Dynamical multifractal zeta-functions and fine multifractal spectra of graph-directed self-conformal constructions. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. 2016.Edit
[2016-24] Cruz I, Mena-Matos H, M. Sousa-Dias E. Dynamics and periodicity in a family of cluster maps .Edit
Carvalho M, Azevedo A, Machiavelo A. Dynamics of a quasi-quadratic map. Journal of Difference Equations and Applications. 2014;20 (1):36-48.Edit
Cruz I, Mena-Matos H., Sousa-Dias M.. Dynamics of the Birational Maps Arising from F0 and DP3 Quivers. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 2015;431(2):903-918.Edit


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