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Brazdil P., Soares C, Da Costa J. ranking learning algorithms: using ibl and meta-learning on accuracy and time results. machine learning. 2003;50:251-277.Edit
da Costa JP. Rankings and Preferences Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2015.Edit
Costa JP, J Da Costa P. Rankings and Preferences 2015.Edit
da Costa JP. Rankings and Preferences. New Results in Weighted Correlation and Weighted Principal Component Analysis with Applications Springer 2015.Edit
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[2014-23] Aguiar MA, Dias AP. Regular Synchrony Lattices for Product Cell Networks .Edit
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Da Costa J, Soares C. rejoinder to letter to the editor from c. genest and j-f. plante concerning 'pinto da costa, j. & soares, c. (2005) a weighted rank measure of correlation.'. australian & new zealand journal of statistics. 2007;49:205-207.Edit
[2006-2] Cordeiro E, Delgado M., Fernandes VH. Relative abelian kernels of some classes of transformation monoids .Edit
Cordeiro E, Delgado M., Fernandes VH. Relative abelian kernels of some classes of transformation monoids. Bull. Austral. Math. Soc.. 2006;73:375-404.Edit
[2009-5] Cordeiro E, Delgado M. On the relative solvability of certain inverse monoids .Edit
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Pinto S., Krishna R., Dias C., Pimentel G., Oliveira G., Teixeira J., et al. Resistive switching and activity-dependent modifications in Ni-doped graphene oxide thin films. Applied Physics Letters. 2012;101.Edit
Noriega M, Carcases E, Duran K, Maranon EJ, Martínez JP, Almeida R. Respiratory Rate Estimation from Multilead ECG Delineation using VCG Directions on Fiducial Points. In: Proceedings of the XLIII International Conference on Computing in Cardiology. Vol 43.; 2016. Edit
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[2008-17] Antoneli F, Dias AP, Pinto CM. Rich phenomena in a network of two rings coupled through a `buffer' cell .Edit
Teles M., de Oliveira PM. Risks Associated to the compressive Strength Conformity Criteria Resulting from the Application of the Portuguese Standard NP ENV 206 (1993). In: Proceedings of the European Ready Mixed Concrete Congress - ERMCO 1998. Vol 1.; 1998. 3. p. 304-311p. Edit
[2008-6] Aguiar MA, Ashwin P., Dias AP, Field M. Robust heteroclinic cycles in coupled cell systems: Identical cells with asymmetric inputs .Edit
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Shahzamanian M., Shirmohammadi M., Davvaz B.. Roughness in Cayley graphs. Inform. Sci.. 2010;180:3362-3372.Edit


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