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[2013-23] Nabais D, Moreira N, Reis R. Desco: a knowledge based system for descriptional complexity of formal languages .Edit
[2011-36] Moreira N, Nabais D, Reis R. DesCo: a Web Based Information System for Descriptional Complexity Results .Edit
[2014-8] Bessa M, Rodrigues A. A dichotomy in area-preserving reversible maps .Edit
[2006-23] Misiurewicz M, Rodrigues A. Double Standard Maps .Edit
[2017-12] Margolis S, Rhodes J, Silva PV. On the Dowling and Rhodes lattices and wreath products .Edit
[2014-34] Ibanez S, Rodrigues AA. On the dynamics near a homoclinic network to a bifocus: switching and horseshoes .Edit
[2011-6] Agarwal N, Rodrigues AA, Field M. Dynamics near the Product of Planar Heteroclinic Attractors .Edit
[2006-15] Bessa M, Rocha J. The dynamics of a conservative Hénon map .Edit
[2004-1] Matos J., Gama SM, Ruskin HJ, Duarte JA. An Econophysics Approach to the Portuguese Stock Index - PSI-20 .Edit
[2005-22] Reis H. Equivalence and semi-completude of foliations .
[2012-17] Aguiar MA, Ruan H.. Evolution of Synchrony under Combination of Coupled Cell Networks .Edit
[2017-31] Matos JM, Rodrigues MJ, de Matos JC. Explicit formulae for derivatives and primitives of orthogonal polynomials .Edit
[2016-27] Azevedo D, Freitas AC, Freitas JM, Rodrigues FB. Extreme Value Laws for dynamical systems with countable extremal sets .Edit
[2017-30] Matos JC, Matos JM, Rodrigues MJ. Filtering the Tau method with Frobenius-Padé Approximants .Edit
[2012-28] Rodaro E, Silva PV, Sykiotis M. Fixed points of endomorphisms of graph groups .Edit
[2012-32] Rodaro E, Silva PV. Fixed points of endomorphisms of trace monoids .
[2011-7] Yakubovich SB, Rodrigues M., Vieira N. Fractional two-parameter Schrödinger equation .Edit
[2005-15] Delgado M., Rosales J.. On the Frobenius number of a proportionally modular diophantine inequality .Edit
[2004-15] Matos JM, Rocha Z. Frobenius-Padé approximants for d-orthogonal series: theory and computational aspects .
[2010-26] Yakubovich SB, Rodrigues M.. Fundamental solutions of the fractional two-parameter telegraph equation .Edit
[2011-5] Rhodes J, Silva PV. Further results on monoids acting on trees .Edit
[2005-38] Loureiro AF, Maroni P., Rocha Z. The generalized Bochner condition about classical orthogonal polynomials revisited .Edit
[2008-16] S.Dias AP, Matthews PC, Rodrigues A. Generating Functions for Hopf Bifurcation with S_n-Symmetry .Edit
[2014-7] Bessa M, Carvalho M, Rodrigues A. Generic area-preserving reversible diffeomorphisms .Edit
[2015-38] Bessa M, Ferreira C, Rocha J, Varandas P. Generic Hamiltonian dynamics, .Edit


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